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The best Bitcoin trading method

Essentially the same as purchasing tradecoin stock or forex. However, due to the scale and nature of the market specifics. Tradecoin have some own rules that other markets can not. That is:
- The value of small, easily manipulated. Trading volume in the stock market just as small as Thailand, but the scale is worldwide. A small company of Rothchild or JPMorgan can change the whole market price at any time they like.

- The market is still new, 80% of capital inflows only from February this year. Most players are not experienced tradecoin. Mainly use financial knowledge of other disciplines. This knowledge is used to analyze the sustainable techniques. But profit is not high. Surfing is difficult. Totally dependent on news from the outside with the objective can not be verified.

- Demand is very high potential. If you know that Forex trading volume of some 1.700 billion - 6000 billion dollars a day, the number more than 4 billion transactions tradecoin is extremely modest. Whatever the nature and scale of the market is similar.

Chart poloniex
Chart poloniex
FITEGLOBAL tested methods of a trade small investors, can not control the market similar to individual investors as everyone in the group here, the results are as follows:

Trade with technical analysis, investment trade test: 1000 USD. Performed on multiple copper coin. After 30 days of trade of 2415 USD. Profit rate: 142%.

Trade by surfing under the coin: $ 1,000. Surf under waves already, the coin was Ripple, Zcash. after 30 days of 2899 USD. Profit rate is 190%.

Trade in Margin + surf: 1000 USD. NXT main coin investment, Ripple, Zcash. After 30 days of 2911 USD. Profit rate is 191%.

Trade with coin storage life. 1000 USD. Invest the coin is Steem, Stellar, Digibyte. After 30 days of 5022 USD. The rate of profit is 402%

Thus, the most profitable is coin storage life. This is only the test results with the knowledge of the team should FITEGLOBAL ratio% is not necessarily absolute accuracy with everyone. However, when the same will be similar to one who has knowledge and experience at the same time implementing the above methods.

Coin storage methods are mainly long-term reviews of sharks waiting whirlpool. If you want to wait so speculative sharks enough coin they want. This will make them continuously immersed reserve price for the sell-off coin. So hit NO MARGIN long term. Highly flammable account bared. And do not forget the old principle: not to all your eggs in one basket.