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50 facts about investments

1. Say "I'm greedy when others are fearful" is much easier than the implementation.
2. "gulf" between a good company and a great investment may be greater than you think.
3. The market will experience at least one major adjustment in each year, and a huge correction in each decade. Get used to this.
4. In fact, almost no concept of "responsibility to explain" to the financial experts. Still there are those who assume a false identity of all for many years but they still have a watching crowd.
5. As Erik Falkenstein said, in professional tennis, we scored 80% while 80% score of the losses in the amateur tennis. This is also true with other subjects such as wrestling, chess and investment. The beginner investor should concentrate avoid mistakes, and professional investors will focus on the great strides.

6. There are tens of thousands of people worldwide are considered a professional money manager. According to statistics, there are some people succeed only by relying on pure luck.
7. Some investors dubbed the "legend" is almost impossible to beat an index fund throughout their career. On Wall Street, the total assets of behemoths does not mean higher profits.
8. In these times of recession, the election, the Fed policy meeting, people become uncertain about what they do not know anything at all about them.
9. The more you feel comfortable with a certain investment, the more likely heavy losses.
10. Time-saving trick: do not invest in penny stocks or ETFs.
11. No person on earth can tell the market how movements in the short term.
12. Professionals talk about his mistakes are the people you should listen. Avoid people who are not doing so.

13. You do not understand the accounting balance sheet of a major bank. The operators of bank accounting and did not understand anything!
14. There will be about 7-10 economic downturn in 50 years. Do not be surprised when they occur.
15. 30 years ago, financial news on television lasted only 1 hour. Today, the message can last up to 18 hours. Not volume changing news that more and more people seem more wasteful.
16. The investment of Warren Buffett bargain when the market is less competitive than the current lot.
17. Most of the things they teach on investment is "theoretically absurd tangle". There are very few professors become rich.
18. A more and more on television, the predictions of such persons as it is unlikely to become a reality (Phil Tetlock psychologists have data on this argument).
19. Do not rely on someone to appear on CNBC more than 2 times / week.
20. The market does not care how much you pay for one share or for your home. The market does not care about the price that you consider to be "reasonable".
21. Much of the information on the market is not only useless but also can negatively affect your financial health.
22. Professional investors have better information and computer run faster than you. You will never win them in short-term investment so do not try it.
23. An expert money managers have much experience to have little meaning anywhere. You can defeat the entire market in his career. And, there are many such people.
24. Transaction costs dropped as one of the worst things for investors because they can trade more. High transaction costs also make people think twice before acting.
25. Become professional investors as one of the "occupation" most difficult, but it is also too easy to engage industry and without qualification. The result is a team of "experts" do not know what they are doing.
26. Most of the IPO will "burn" you. Think about this: who is more informed you are looking to sell your stock away.
27. When someone mentions graph, model head - and - shoulder or resistance, be discarded.
28. According to Google, the phrase "double dip" is mentioned 10.8 million times in 2010 and 2011. However, this scenario has never occurred. And in 2 years 2006 and 2007, "financial collapse" as the phrase is not mentioned and it has happened.
29. The effective interest rate of 20-year bonds are currently below 0, and investors are pouring money into it. Many fear that greater thrust than calculus.
30. The book "Where Are the Customers' Yachts?" Was written in 1940 and until now we still do not realize that the financial advisor will not act in your interests.
31. Fund Investment indices low cost is one of the inventors most effective financing.
32. The best investors in the world have more knowledge of psychology rather than finance.
33. Developments in the moment of the market is controlled largely by random variables. Trying to find an explanation for these short-term fluctuations like trying to explain this lottery results.
34. For most people, looking for ways to save more money is more important than finding great investments.
35. If you have debt on credit cards and think about investing, stop thinking it back. You will never be able to beat the interest rate of 30% / year.
36. Repurchase of treasury shares bulk just to offset shares issued for the leadership. However, business leaders still advertise that this is the way to "return cash to shareholders."
37. Probability in case there is at least one well-known company bankrupt and accounting fraud is not uncommon.
38. 20 years, the S & P 500 will not be like today. There are companies who "dies" and there are new companies will emerge.
39. 20 years ago, General Motors and Apple on top was greeted with derision. The same thing will happen in the next decade, but no one knew it was the company.
40. Most will be richer if they stop being obsessed about Congress, the Fed, the President and focus on personal financial management.
41. For most people, a house is a huge debt to asset safety label.
42. The President has little effect on the economy than what people think.
43. Although the amount you will need for time to think retirement is how much, let's double that amount.
44. The next crisis is never the same as the previous crisis.
45. Remember what Buffett talked about the development process: "The first is the creation, then the imitators and eventually fools".
46. ​​And the writer Mark Twain said, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still busy putting their boots."
47. Marty Whitman said about this: "Seldom has more than 3 or 4 key variables. Everything will interfere. "
48. The Department merged with the larger scale, the higher the probability of collapse. CEOs like to build their own empire by overpaying for other companies.
49. Investments in low profits and high losses more than 10 times the amount compared to the investments brought the opposite result.
50. These companies are considered "boring" most - companies producing toothpaste, food or bolt - might become the best investment in the long term. Meanwhile, with the most innovative companies to become the
worst investments.

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