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Why Investors Often Suffer Losses When Trading Forex

Why Investors Often Suffer Losses When Trading Forex?

1. Failure to manage risk.
Risk management is the key to the victory when the transaction. You can be a professional investor but may still fail if the poor risk management. When the transaction, your first job is not making a profit that is protect your transaction amount. When the money is running out, the ability to make a profit as well.
-Use "Stops Loss" and adjust once you've got the money a reasonable reply.
-Use the order size fits your capital (lot size)
2. Greed.
Some traders feel that they need to make a profit to pip before finally closing the command or move command. Try to get to the final pip trading orders before conversion can result in you losing the profits that you are.
This is very clear, not too greedy when dealing. Very true if you close the command when it achieved reasonable profits. The currency upheaval every hour, every day; no need to keep the command to get to the last pip.
3. Transaction indecisive, hesitant:
Sometimes traders feel "regret" when opening the transaction commands. As you have just opened the trading orders and the loss, you feel that you have gone the wrong direction. Then, you close this command again and open the contrast with the previous command command, you can only see the market are always going to go against that with your choice.
Analyze and choose inclinations you go, stick with it. All the movement of the currency pair can only do you lose a little money in the account at a time.

4. Try to set to "top" or "bottom"
Many investors try to put score top/bottom when converting the tendency of currency pair. If you traded in this way, eventually you will see the result seems not right with your plan.
The transactions according to the trend. If you think the trend is preparing changes, and you want to open the transaction commands according to new trends, please wait the change trends are identified.
5. Do not accept that I go wrong.
As an investor, can occasionally crash when parsing or transactions, and know how to fix it instead of trying to hold opinions is true and the result is burnt account.
Very hard to do this but we need to accept a mistake for any reason. It is important to withdraw experience, and prepare for the next opportunity.
6. Buy system/software to trade on the net.
There are many trading software is sold on the network. A number of transactions over the network and search for "system/Forex trading software is 100% accurate". Try to buy this system and try it.
Accept that never had such things. Build system/how its own transactions and stop looking to buy these systems on the network.

How to start Forex trading, investing at home and online ?
Step 1. Sign up e-money like Paypal, Neteller
Step 2. Choose a good forex broker to register your trading account suck as:
Step 3. Follow forex signals or learn forex trading
Step 4. Deposit e-money to your forex brokers
Step 5. Withdraw money via e-money