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Why should the transaction with ECN floor?

This article helps clarify more about ECN Forex Floor, or ECN Broker

The floor ECN (ECN Broker)?

ECN is recorded off of Electronic Communication-electronic information networks. The Mission of this network is to help every customer's order of mutual interaction. It as a floor General of the Bank, the dealer and the same command sent to the trader. The best bid/ask in ECN systems will be launched and the trader would like to transaction a transaction at that price. The price is due to a certain provider (Bank, House) in the system greeting.

The source of the profits of the ECN Floors come from?

A floor (Broker) if truth is ECN (ECN Broker) Floors shall have only a single earnings, that is from the Commission (Commission) that it collects from customers. Simple, because the bid/ask of ECN Floor is from the clues in the ECN systems provided, the floor not to intervene should it move to earn income from commission is easy to understand.

Spread of ECN Floor?

The type of Floor is only spread ECN applied is Spread transform (Floating Spread or Variable Spread), is the best bid and ask in the ECN systems provide.

One way to help confirm the floor ECN "cooler"

In order to verify the "cooler" or ECN Floor is ECN "wits", the cooler Floors will be tables of Depth of Market (DOM) (this one for more futures trader) to see the volume in the bid/offer price, see volume apparently.

This is just a "tip" that's it, there may also be the "wits" ECN Floor fake this.

Why should the transaction with ECN floor?

ECN uses floor spread from system provides, and just collect the commission from. No more stats floor spread (markup) to eat more money from customers.

ECN Floor benefits not antagonistic to their customers due to no Dealing Desk (command control Division) and not dealing with guests (such as Market Maker-dealer). ECN in the NDD (No Dealing Desk)

The command is often faster than the joints, not requote.
Best  ECN/STP & Market maker forex brokers Because of the reasons above, the trader and the IB choose ECN (ECN Broker) Floor where collaboration or open account transactions.

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