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Surf strategy: simple and effective

Surf strategy: simple and effective
forex scalping Surfing (scalping) in the forex market is one of the very common tactic for most investors, particularly when employed on short time frame (from M30-> M1). It is one of the simple trading strategy with these advantages:

    Easy to reach the target of the day
    Low risk on each order.
    More opportunities, more choice in November.

Before learn only about the scalping system, you need to note the following important elements:

General settings


-Platform : use on MetaTrader 4

-Trading floor : exness,etoro

Trading conditions

forex trading

 -Time trading: trading starting from the opening hour of the session and ended when the Us session closing

-Important news: avoid transactions before and after the news emerged 30 minutes (see economic calendar )

-Trade on the trend: "The Trend is your friend" transaction always follow the trend is reducing risk.

StopLoss and Take Profit


-Weigh the ratio of profit/risk before entering a command, the best rate from 1.5:1 or more

-Remove the SL high command

-Always install the SL and TP when on command

-Use a trailing stop or can break-even (SL to the position on the command) when it was profitable.

Advantages and risks


When compared to any other trading strategy (in large time frame) then the difference easily recognize when the transaction scalping short is requires the transaction needs to have a high concentration in the transaction process. You can easily accomplish this goal in the day quickly, but conversely you also need to be prepared to deal with the adverse situation on the market takes place very quickly. Therefore, this requires the process to accumulate the skills, the experience has been in the process of training or transactions per day.

Questions or share your experiences in the process of using forex scalping system be post here

I wish you success on the road full time forex trading this difficult