Start trade with $ 100 and a $ 200,000 interest-after 12 months

Start trade with $ 100 and a $ 200,000 interest-after 12 months

Most people fear that trade Forex will lose everything. But I don't think so. I like the transaction by hand. Before the trade for real money, make demo account to practice more. And training on a specific currency pair. I recommend to use the EURUSD. Play according to my strategy, you will never lose. And double your money each month. Ensure.
Start trade with $ 100 and a $ 200,000 interest-after 12 months

1. Suppose that you want to trade with capital of $ 100. Divide that amount in two parts. A section to buy/sell no reserve capital to work. $ 100 = $ 50 + $ 50. You buy/sell capital in $ 50 and $ 50 left to reserve. As such.

2. News + Chart + is the key to successfully trade Forex. The ability to follow up the strong will with proper practice on a specific currency pair.

3. do not trade every day. Only trade when see chart has good signal.

4. Trade when the level of the price fluctuations are strong.

5. Trade when prices are running up fast, down fast and continue up and down constantly.Source :hepado.com

6. If you practiced enough with EURUSD, 90% of you will eventually correct. When would it not accurate, close commands and accept a 10%-15%. Don't be concerned because that little loss. You surely will rise again by 30%-50%.

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In this way, you can double your account each month. So, $ 100 will hitting $ 200,000 within 12 months.
Source :hepado.com

How to start Forex trading, investing at home and online ?
Step 1. Sign up e-money like Paypal, Neteller
Step 2. Choose a good forex broker to register your trading account suck as:
Step 3. Follow forex signals or learn forex trading
Step 4. Deposit e-money to your forex brokers
Step 5. Withdraw money via e-money
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