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How is the Market Maker?

How is the Market Maker?

We will understand more what is Home (Market maker) in the Forex through the following articles

How is the Market Maker?

Market Maker (House) Floor only (or Broker) command control system (Dealing Desk), can block commands of the Trader (the transaction) back to handle.

Market Maker (MM) is the object of trade against the Trader. Trader selling then buying MM, on the contrary, Trader buying then selling MM. In General, will benefit. Profitable trader then MM loss and vice versa.

How to match the order of MM?

Usually Instant Execution-style order matching will MM. Trader sees bid and click execute trades, at this price, will be moved to the Dealing Desk parts of MM. Depending on the situation that MM will match or push out through the requote form (back quote).

Characteristics of MM is very hard news now command joint due to multiple risks.

MM has created sliding price (slippage) during periods of volatility.

Matching speed of MM is not too fast, even sometimes is slow

Spread of MM?

MM used spread fixed (fixed)

Spread of the MM of 4 decimal and decimal number 5

The source of the profits of the floor MM:

From the spread of the trader

From the money trader losses

MM do not usually charge a Commission (the commission) from the trader.
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There should be dealing with the floor MM?

Overall the biggest thing because of restrictions should be antagonistic interests. The loser WINS Floor trader and vice versa. With technology assistance for the floor, the Trader is very easy to lose by things like sliding price (slippage).

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