Group EXNESS published fund report has been verified, confirming the group's own funds reached US $ 83.78 million

Exness Corporation has released the report factual information about Exness funds by Deloitte made more consolidation, for the views of the Group on transparency in Forex industries and confirmed the Group's own funds is S $ 83.78.

Is the lead and is the established practices on transparency, Exness will announce results of the audit of the annual fund besides released report quarterly to ensure certification of volume of transactions, the customer's withdrawal and commissions to partners.

In the campaign for transparency, Mr Petr Valov, CEO of Exness Corporation has said that: "all customers and partners of Exness Corporation must have a right of access to information about the Group's financial indicators. When we announced front-runner in the forex industry, we always reinforces for his statement with the numbers that have been confirmed by independent experts. "

Report on the Fund balance of Exness by Deloitte carried out according to international standards of The relevant services (ISRS 4400) on April 14, 2016 confirms "existing properties and the accuracy of the amount clients and private funds of Exness." Within less than a year (from 20 January until 31 December 2015), the total Fund of Exness grew 60.7% to the level of 106.68 million us dollars, of which the private fund of 63.9% growth group and the amount of customers 50.2% growth. The report also shows that the majority of the money is in the Fund's own Exness-total up to 83.78 million us dollars (78.5% of total funds)-and the amount of clients is 22.90 million u.s. dollars.

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