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Cool Hey trader ... the smart chicken (if you don't already know why)

Cool Hey trader ... the smart chicken (if you don't already know why)

himself free to sit written these lines about the analysis. ...
If that suits you then please apply ... because each a personality that ...

what you need to do right now:
1/visit wikipedia to search keywords "Forex market"

2/only focus on: "unemployment rate" + "" + inflation monetary policy.
-the majority of the other news is not important.

3/people know when inflation is rising, the currency devalued in comparison with the goods. but who knows that inflation also caused the local currency falling against foreign currencies!

4 reasons why the currency rising or falling prices???
you have to note that all transactions and exchange currency both through Bank (NHTW, URBAN COMMERCIAL).
without anyone or any organization again change money with people at all. AND THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM.

the problem is that when inflation is happening where are the money?

lack of money should the Bank Exchange service is restricted causing the local currency price increases.

How to start Forex trading, investing at home and online ?
Step 1. Sign up e-money like Paypal, Neteller
Step 2. Choose a good forex broker to register your trading account suck as:
Step 3. Follow forex signals or learn forex trading
Step 4. Deposit e-money to your forex brokers
Step 5. Withdraw money via e-money