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10 methods of limiting losses when trading forex

10 methods of limiting losses when trading forex

Forex market trading volume each day on average more than 4 thousand billion, creating the largest financial market in the world. The vast Forex market attracts a large number of investors, from those who only know about financial markets to qualified professionals. By easy forex trading, investors traded in 24/5, there is help leverage and little capital. But also can easily lose money when trading forex. 10 ways below can help trading restrictions likely losses when trading forex.
1. Learn about Forex.
Have knowledge about forex is very necessary for the success of the transaction. The majority of the students come from the real deals on Live account and practical experience, traders need to learn everything related to the forex market, including the issues of economy, politics and culture, affect currencies that investors choose transactions. Investors need to establish a trading plan: trading currency trading, when, how much risk-taking, profit, ....
2. find a reputable trading floor.
-License registration Floor at the prestigious financial institution.
-The floor had the perennial activities.
-Research on the type of account, leverage transactions, commissions, fees, the difference in purchase/sale, the initial deposit/withdraw loading policies, promotions.
-Have the support staff the local language or not?
3. Practice trading on a Demo account before the transaction.
Demo account helps investors can practice trading as truth on the market without the need to put money in. It allows investors to adapt to what the most recent commands, tools for software engineering.
4. Only use the tools of technical analysis common and consistent with the way your transactions, do not install or insert too much.
5. Protect your trading account.
When too much focus on making a profit, investors need to learn to accept losses in the predetermined level. Always use Stop Loss as an effective way to ensure that the loss is kept to a reasonable level.
Investors should consider the largest losses can happen every day before all trading orders are closed and no new orders until the next session.
Investors should have concrete plans about the losses when trading, essential to protect his money. Trailing Stops is also an effective dosing to protect profits.
6. Start with a small amount of capital account transactions.
By starting with small capital, investors can evaluate trading plan as well as his feelings when the transaction.

7. Use proper leverage.
Great leverage can generate more profits but also can lead to large losses for your capital. Need to consider choosing the appropriate lever.
8. Interested in trading history.
Keep transaction history includes the time, tools, trading, profits, losses, ... very important for the success of the transaction.
Investors need to review to get more experience, new knowledge.
If not keep the transaction history, investors probably will not remember the important points or getting back the old error when trading, restrict the opportunities to become a professional trader.
9. Learn about tax policy.
Investors need to learn the policy as well as applicable tax rates up each of their investments when the transaction.
Private Vietnam, tax applies to trading forex.
10. see the transactions business.
Very needed when watching the forex trading like a business, and remember that the won-lost in personal accounts carved is not the problem, which is important for the forex trading made in how a longer period of time. For example, traders should try to limit the too many emotions for the profit/loss, viewed as a work day at the Office. Like other business sectors, forex trading also incurred costs, loss, risk, tax, ... Due to the measurement, planning, setting realistic goals, organized and learn from successes and failures will help to have a long successful career as a Forex trader.

How to start Forex trading, investing at home and online ?
Step 1. Sign up e-money like Paypal, Neteller
Step 2. Choose a good forex broker to register your trading account suck as:
Step 3. Follow forex signals or learn forex trading
Step 4. Deposit e-money to your forex brokers
Step 5. Withdraw money via e-money