Simple tips to attract millions of YouTube views

Full write Meta tags when uploading

Once you upload your video to Youtube to fill the title tag, description, keywords. Make it slowly and studied from before the arrival of this card. This is an extremely important step if you want your videos to reach many views, because you know your videos suitable object, aspect, therefore, you should study and learn from lock carefully before posting videos.
If you are fluent in English, they can refer to more carefully instructions from Youtube. Look at the specific instructions of Youtube, you will experience a lot of tricks to gain views for your YouTube channel.
Please fill out all possible keywords. Source: Youtube
And you are not fluent in English, they should pay attention to care little for yourselves in English. You can refer to fast English learning method in its seventh day.
The keywords you used are general keywords, and spread, relating to the theme of the video, if you have a better method, leave comments offline.

Thumbnail curious users

Thumbnails, or thumbnails of your video, called thumbnails should:
  • Beautiful, clear
  • Causing curiosity
  • Create stimulate
You want to look for new feeds of YouTube, or in the search box, you will find the videos have thumbnail representation, and viewers tend to click on the video image that has attracted them most. So, instead of to the default of the video thumbnail, you take some time off and do for video what strategy one quality thumbnails offline. You can also see how to make thumbnail Youtube tutorial 

Tip: You can create thumbnails with one using Photoshop PSD file format 1280 x 720, with the default parameters. Take a screenshot, then it save the image with moderate quality. Do you have a better way, and share offline.

Add annotations to Videos

You enter into the Video Manager Creator Studio or select any video that wants to touch. Remarks that Youtube called Annotations very versatile, they can simply text, or maybe as a link identical to any such sites.
Add annotations very important, it helps you navigate the user to the other videos, the information you want to convey, retain users. I usually do like annotations to encourage, recommend related videos, show playlist ... These are effective tips to gain views youtube channel, you have other ways? Comment even offline.

Installation and optimal channel

You can install and optimize your channels

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First Watermark

Simply put this is your logo and is displayed on any videos in your channel. This helps users easily identify you more.

Select Video or Featured Playlist

If you coVideo or Featured Playlist, which you think will represent the content of the channels you want to convey, use this function (Feature a video or playlist).
Video highlights will help people to stay in, watch your video to create rather than escape, or select relevant video in your channel right side column.

Makes 1 introductory video channel

Youtube call this branding brand introduction or intro. You make a video introducing your channel, content conveyed, then users will easily identify you more, it will be more loyal, your search easier.

Add new video-related list

Playlist / playlist same categories, the list in this blog. So let's make a list, it will help users to easily capture information channel.

To share

Ok, the video-related issues considered complete, now what you need is how to attract your Youtube channel views faster.

Share Social Network

Below is a list of the top 15 social networks in the world with the most number of hits:
1. Facebook (friends and entertainment): Facebook.com
2. Twitter: Twitter.com
3. Linkedin (share information): Linkedin.com
4. My Space: MySpace.com
5. Google Plus (Google's social network): plus.google.com
6. DevianArt (photo sharing): deviantart.com
7. Live Journal: livejournal.com
8. Tagged (share link): Tagged.com
9. Orkut: Orkut.com
10. Café Mom: cafemom.com
11. Ning: Ning.com
12. Meetup (meet and exchange): Meetup.com
13. My Life: Mylife.com
14. My Yearbook: Myyearbook.com
15. Badoo: Badoo.com

Share your relevant web content

Makes 1-related video content websites, pay attention to what viewers really need.

Share in the relevant video

You can find the video with the theme and tell people that you are doing it. For example, English teaching video, each with one different method. You can compete by pointing out the limitations of such other person, or why you are over them.

Reply to comment

This is important, because when you respond, that is, they realize, well, this is true, and not just throw a certain channel videos up and left there.

Like & share the next day.

When you post your videos to the people who will receive REGISTER informed about the video. And if the next day you like your video, they will re-REGISTER who received notice 1 again. It's like Facebook so new feeds, also in Youtube interface to the user can monitor the Channel they were registered, the operation of all channels.


Above can call tips, help you to accelerate the pace of its increase views and attract Youtube channel views. And to ensure the success of the channel you can make money with youtube then you need to invest, focus on the quality of video content, as well as the master channel, the message that the channel wants to convey. For the channel reup the best, you should select the entertainment, laugh, so when a user to your channel, their purpose is to kill time, so the links to other videos as necessary .
You succeeded with Youtube, you have questions-our forum or our facebook? have shared something? Leave us a comment and discussion offline

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I wish you a successful and fun day!
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