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The secret of success in the Forex market

To succeed on the Forex market , the Trader to the virtues and thinking how? The only way is to learn from our forebears succeeded in the marketplace stock. Sounds strange, right hand, why invest forex but learned of the Securities Trader !? Some qualities that stock investors often withstood more than the surf Forex Trader:
  1. Analysis and stock market thoroughly before investing : Every purchase decision on a careful study of new gold stocks selected are in stock piles floating in mid price list, in addition need to incorporate capture many elements of the market, the company, mass psychological factors ... are sufficient to new orders, the Forex Trader parties often do not do things like that, they do not need a report , analyze the market, but only cursory observation charts and place orders immediately lest late!
  2. Strategic transactions LT : Why are shareholders like Buffett or the giants  in the top of the richest people on the stock market? Simply because they are the founders and very devoted to his career thus hold shares as holding his own life, not the tools buyers and sellers daily profit. Meanwhile, a lot of Forex Trader just surfing so often stick to signal interference, they can fully analyze and medium-term investment on H4 Chart for longer time keeping order, not affected daily by the economic news.

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Have you ever wished to become a genius investor like  Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch or George Soros (professionals most successful Forex speculation in financial and monetary world)? No need to achieve such accomplishments but little also improved investment results significantly (20% entered the Trader group success - according to rule 80-20) So what they did to be successful? Here are the qualities, their common points


1. keen on learning - leading Forex trick play

Successful investors often learn constantly. They spend a lot of time to research than the ordinary investor. They know that his knowledge will never be enough, and so always keep an open mind to be able to study at any time. They are reading books, newspapers, journals and attending seminars to perfect his own self. The fact that the play Forex Trader, Gold investment less subject time to cultivate skills that only profit-oriented is the motto of the Investment Trader's failure to make money quickly and the result is often ... opposite

2. Always prepare a plan to retreat before combat

Successful investors know that investing always has two sides. The future is unpredictable, and so they are prepared for it. Ordinary investors always try to guess the outcome of investment. But smart investors are doing the opposite, they prepare for the best case and worst . That is why successful investors always make money when the market goes up and even earn more when the market goes down. So, if you want to succeed, be prepared to withdraw the plan before investing in anything. Most of the new Trader acquired irregularities are not prepared plans to exit the market, they may have bought for good prices but do not know where profits or cut losses when most sensible. Common consequences are losing profits because the market suddenly reversed or wrong direction and must clamp to lock the command.

3. Patience - Skills Forex Trader's play expert

Investors talented very patient. Once the calculation of certain investments, they are always ready and waiting to ensure that such plans would come true. Warren Buffett said: "I never intended to make money from the stock market. I just buy because they think that the market will be closed tomorrow and not until 5 years later re-opened. "
In 1992, when Soros thundered a command SELL GBP / USD to attack the British pound, the commentators said that this action is too risky and could lead Soros fund to the brink of bankruptcy, but Soros had to wait up to five years prior to the date of the 4th dark on the currency market but the glory days of Soros (for the billion dollars in one day)
Conclusions: These are 3 secrets of success on the Forex market classic, surely lacks many authors would enlist so more research experience from the elders.
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 How to start Forex trading, investing at home and online ?
Step 1. Sign up e-money like Paypal, Neteller
Step 2. Choose a good forex broker to register your trading account suck as:
Step 3. Follow forex signals or learn forex trading
Step 4. Deposit e-money to your forex brokers
Step 5. Withdraw money via e-money