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Methods of determining YouTube Video copyrighted or not?

In the process of participation and making money online via Youtube , there are many new friends unidentified Video I need to do. Until identify subjects and content to make it encountered several problems related to copyright Video. So in this article I would like to share to you reading methods to determine whether copyrighted videos .

Several methods for determining whether copyrighted video?
Several methods for determining whether copyrighted video?
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Copyrighted video is how

Surely when the Video Upload on youtube and you are met with the alarm cases copyrighted video can not turn the money, stop the world or inappropriate content, ... So copyrighted videos such as What ?
When a person creates an original work is fixed in the physical environment, he or she automatically owns copyright to that work. The owner has the exclusive right to use such works under some particular way, certain. Copyright owners can use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.
The video uploaded to YouTube is scanned based on a database file that content owners sent Youtube. Copyright owners decide what will happen when the content in a video on YouTube that match they own compositions. When this happens, the video will receive a confirmation of ownership by Content ID .
Refer to the documentation on the copyright of Youtube:

Content ID a QuizGroup Video has to be viewed by View-Source
Content ID a QuizGroup Video has to be viewed by View-Source

Determine how copyright Video

Often when you are up on youtube movies often or 3rd party copyright on the image or sound. At that time you will ask the question there are ways to identify copyrighted video or not?

Using functional view source

If you are new to making money on YouTube  , then you should look for the video no copyright or other video on YouTube has been uploaded. Then simply download and SEO alone.
For the video with you right or not, you can use the view-source browser you are viewing video on Youtube, you can do the following:
  • First you open the video you want to check and press CTR + U to see the source code.
  • Then you most CRT + F to find the piece of content helps us distinguish Video copyrighted or not.
  • Next you copy the code meta name = attribution  and press Enter   to search.
  • You will receive a code like the following <meta name = attribution content = XXX /> (This is Part XXX Content ID that I mentioned above)
  • If part XXX behind a certain Networks name for example: QuizGroupAggreator, Vevo, .. then you will not be able to use it to re-upload videos.
  • If part XXX is a script consisting of random characters or not, you can download and upload back to your Channel.

Using a browser addon

You can use the browser addon to identify stations by GA or in Net  and some information as Tags and other information.

Addon Heartbeat 

The red circled area of the form video  channel name, channel of video format that is not involved in Networks but may yet joined GA or not but you can still comfortably reup.
If you see these videos in the Network , as shown below, then you are not up Reup video. And if you still want to, then you Reup to render the clips and then upload.

Addon VidIQ

Note : In part of Plugin MCN it by means VidIQ Content ID - View tutorial distinguish using Google Adsense channels or Network via Youtube .

Channel of Google Adsense:  Content ID has the form oEXblQFv6Jxz1JlGU59kRw  reup themselves comfortable, not tired of his children at all!
If the video does not show  Content ID  , it does not belong GA or the Net , can duplicate 3rd party for this video can not turn earn money.

As you can see on the picture is a clip already on the Net QuizGroup. These clips like this of you not to re-upload because copyright will be sticky. If you want to upload the edited video.
Addon VidIQ on Chrome


Above is the information I shared with you how to identify copyrighted video or do not help the new Youtube you can more easily work process. Also in the process involved in making money online via Youtube if you encounter issues related to 3rd party content matches you can refer to the article  fix third-party content coincide .
Refer to the other articles in Serie  learn to make money on YouTube  with over 40 tutorials in Blog dotcomtech. Good luck!