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4 factors to have a standard logo

Logo is the "showcase" effect of the product or service that the company provides.
Think of the symbols derived from the two arcs yellow (like the letter "M") of McDonald's, or a simple dot streak of Nike. Those are two of the many impressive logo and leave a deep impression, is effective for large media brands.
Pictures logo of your company can do to increase the number of potential customers and gives a good first impression with its partners.
A beautiful and unique logo will enhance customer binding, express their own identity and the professionalism of the company. For example, the "good hands" of brand Allstate (Allstate's slogan was "You're in good hands") will instantly create a warm feeling for expression of interest and trust.
The symbol "good hands" of Allstate brand creates a warm feeling
So just take the time to invest in a reasonable manner for the 4 factors, your company logo will become the key to effectively bring success to the business.
1. Focus on the message
The first step, you must define the message and mission of the image that you want the logo to convey to others. It is best to try to create messages within one sentence. And then, to "hang" grab the messages during the logo.
Take a look at the logo of the business of other companies the same field with you, then think of the difference that you want to create for their logo than all competitors.
You want the logo to convey something about the company? It brings superior color, caste or playful? What will make it unique over other competitors? The nature of the object of your target customers is what? All these factors play an important role in the design of new or redesigned logo.
2. The logo must be handy
A good logo can be designed flexibly elastic size, easy to remember and easy to distinguish.
Another factor is equally important that the company's logo to ensure efficiency in both the color image and the black - white. This is extremely convenient when faxing, photocopying or use in media publications black - white.
3. Focus color
Color indirectly related to a very important factor for the company in the future, that is the cost.
You can see the logo includes the year of his color very beautiful, very great, but once it is printed on stationery, the cost will not be "great" as such. Logo of this type will not be used or reduced visual performance on the means for displaying only one or two colors.
So, should try to make a logo that contains no more than three colors, unless very necessary.
The company's logo will appear in publications such as signs, advertisements, stationery instruments and means of delivery, packaging ... So, think and study carefully the color elements, and do not skip steps present multiple versions of the logo in different colors before making a final decision.
McDonald's logo color matching across multiple arrays of different backgrounds
4. Find a suitable design
Promotion ideas yourself is an important step in creating the company's image, but the logo design based solely on his own was a mistake, especially when the field of design is not professional you.
Costs for a professional company logo is usually quite expensive, but actually there are many designers freelance that you can rent for much lower prices.
However, do not hire any employees any design because they require cheap. Factors to be preferred most is experience or their field of activity must be directly related to or close to the business area of ​​your company.
When considering investments for the design of the logo, think about this: often the company's logo can be used for ten years, so costs are reasonable for the representative image of the company in short a time?