What is a Network? Why should monetize Youtube via Network?

Network (NET) as the company gathers many Youtube Partner direct contact with Youtube by a contract and they have full power to manage copyright business, advertising, fine on their partners. You will not need to register in order to receive money through Google Adsense Youtube because Network would stand to receive payments between Youtube and pay you, if such registration easier Youtube Google Adsense for the Network will be a bit more difficult, canal you must have good content and have a certain number to participate.
To view the Network best large and you can go  http://socialblade.com/youtube/top/networks  and here are the top 10 statistics on the number of plays subscriber

Top 10 Youtube Network

Why join the Network?

Participation in the Network is dependent on the form of monetizing your videos, make your own video or reupload (steal their video and upload turn make money), if you Reup video then you should join other Network Google Adsense is not the best choice.
Join the network will fix the error condition ! or ? not turn on after posting video monetization.

Advantages when in Network

  • Register to join the Network, you will be sharing a portion of income but in return you will get the support from them and the ability to lower locked account
  • Uploads will be turned on unless the video monetization intercepted worldwide, third party content
  • Receive the support from the NET
  • There are many payment methods than Google Adsense (PayPal, WebMoney, Check, WU ...)
  • Percentage of successful appeal
In addition to the general advantages of each Network on the Network each have a distinct advantage which they would send to other details by the next post, remember to follow the blog often.

Disadvantages when entering Network

  • Share a percentage of revenue from Youtube for Network (90-10, 80-20, 70-30, ... depending on the Network rules it out)
  • Time payment may be slow, irregular as Google Adsense
  • Register harder than Google Adsense, to meet their requirements
  • Some topics were held as: Cartoons in QuizGroup
  • There are some channels not pay Network dead outside QuizGroup and Lifentw

  The prestigious Youtube Network to make money with YouTube

1.Network Youtube Life Network

- Conditions for participation in the network: 2000 views / month.
- Channel safe, and do not violate the terms of Google, but blocked monetise (monetization)
- Ratio: 20:80
- The minimum amount payable: $ 10 / month
- Forms of Payment: Paypal.
- Settlement date: a maximum of 35 days
- Payment prestige, whether your channel has stopped operating.

2. Network Youtube Cnation :

This guy but conditions ease, but it will require you to have a unique name of the channel, ie Youtube channel address is a unique name, not the letter at the newly created ngoang diluted. Therefore, you must have at least 500 new subcribers they do.
- Conditions: There are videos that are.
- Percentage of commission: 10:90
- Minimum Payment Amount: $ 1
– Pay qua Paypal, WU hoặc Webmoney
- Settlement date: after 2 months
- Dead canal not Pay.

3. Network youtube QuizGroup (Mother of Life):

- Conditions: 1000 views / month, clean channel
- Ratio: 20:80
- Minimum Payment Amount: $ 5
- Payment via PayPal or WebMoney
- Time of payment: Payment after 1 month, from 20 to 30 consecutive months
- Death still paying offline channels.
- Note: This Youtube Network allows up being movies, animation, music genres, 18 + ..
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