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Should automatic Forex trading with EA Robot?

Recently many of you asked pm form Gold Trading - FX automatically by EA, or called Robot, today I will introduce details of how EA activities and share personal experiences when communicating translated with EA. 5 years ago himself learned about EA because at that time did not know the technical analysis, the galaxy heard rumors for profit EA crisis, from a few hundred dollars can interest to tens of thousands within 1.2 years. Quite impressed with this information, I spent a lot of time to study the Indicator and EA.
Should automatic Forex trading with EA Robot?

The basic knowledge about trading solutions Gold - Forex Automatic

1. What is Forex Robot?

This is an advanced Indicator, called so because EA is one system of algorithms include many conditions for automated trading. Example: A programmer coding In order to buy (BUY) EURUSD currency pair when 2 MA 5 and MA 10 intersect and values ​​greater than 5 MA MA 10, this time corresponds to the market posted price increases should MA new small value may rise beyond the higher MA cycles. Similarly, when the exit command is programmed EA occurs when reverse or profits, cut losses while achieving profits or losses preset maximum. Overall the trading strategy that EA apply simple conditional. On the Forex international forums, there are many transactions with EA Trader, his work is open all day and ... computer does not need to do anything, EA will automatically track the market and trading 100%
Another solution if you want EA trade 24/7 weeks throughout the VPS Host hired to setup for auto trade robot on Virtual Host. has suppor free VPS for EA as customer transactions Deposit from $ 5,000 upwards.
Note : EA stands 2 from  Expert Advisor

2. Automatic Forex Trading Robot really effective

EA have one common characteristic is short TP and SL long! This is the weakness of most automated trading robot, so look at the summary of the transaction (Trading History) will see a lot of profit taking orders, the proportion Winning Ratio is very attractive, and at the command cut hole however once it can be hit SL lost several thousand dollars:)

3. Experience select EA Forex

You should choose the EA traded in the session and restrict trade in fine day, the right moment to EA's trading session in Asia and European session.
Conclusion: Auto Trading Robot is one good way to invest Forex, the biggest advantage is not being STRESS, EA has ABSOLUTELY discipline, man can not have nerves of steel as the robot is, it is Trader reasons why many feel under pressure when trading manually. On the other hand, psychological factors is one advantage to many Trader selected by the robot EA trade only when there is signal based trading systems are built.
You should select EA has the following characteristics:
  1. Auto TP and Stoploss orders
  2. Have the system automatically adjusts the point SL and TP
  3. No transactions in the 6th or VIP dinner than not in command at published economic indicators
  4. Most important is the ratio of the Word: Holes must be reasonable, not choose the children that eat small, dark hole. EA I have ever seen the word consecutive years of losses but ended after only a few commands are Hit Stoploss
  5. Buy EA through Clickbank for nothing Claiming Refund if no such transaction EA advertising results
  6. EA to allow trade on the demo account testing, without this feature, please stay away, scam there.
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