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Release Premium Forex Signals on facebook and google plus: 95% free

* With think of WIN- WIN situation, we want to share our success to every member in the world.
95% you win, 5% our win
Benefit of you included:
- Received forex signal every daily with detail of contact size, leverage, buy and sell signal, profit, stoploss
- Support direct eduction about how to trade forex from beginner to season traders.
- Support individual not general


* How to join:
Step 1: Register your forex account to trading using 1 or total of following links:
 For wordwide (include USA): https://www.exness.com/a/486358
 For non US citizent: http://www.etoro.com/B7104_A42833_TClick.aspx  
We recomended 2 brokers, if you want other broker, contact me at:  12geniusLD@gmail.com
Step 2: Infor me when you have done Step 1 at 12geniusLD@gmail.com with information:
Your broker you choose and Your account nichname
Our feedback within 48h.
Step 3: Receive our signal to trading:
When you completed step 1 and 2, we approved you become a member of Premium Forex Signals Group
We also support all member about forex education at these group.