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Gold investment forms today

Currently, the financial market development, business operations , in the gold , foreign currency and securities became active as ever. The start was the introduction and operation of the stock market, followed by the appearance of gold trading, speculative activities and foreign currency trading also began to appear more and more ... all contribute to vibrant atmosphere, encouraging development, reflecting the efforts, dynamic and increasingly strong integration into the economy, finance and our world.
Faced with the boom in the financial activities such investment, the site features knowledge, grasp the rules to prevent risks, protect yourself and take profits from investments is urgently necessary.
There currently are of a yellow surf popular as follows:
+ The first type: engage in gold trading on domestic exchangesGold Trading
+ The second form: the implementation of the gold purchase agreement with the bank term
+ A third type: open gold trading account , forex world prices with the forex brokerage organization professional, reputable and famous residents crowded network investments known, trusted . This third form is the trader usually knowledgeable and familiar with English online payment via credit card (Visa Debit). Now, in VN there are many reliable address to be able to trade as liquidity
Advantages and risks of each type of involvement:
* The first type: involved in gold trading on the exchanges in the country
+ Advantages: quite common, simple procedure involved, and is held in the country easier for investors exposed.
+ Disadvantages:
• the risk of system crashes and investors must accept any losses if the causes of system crashes caused
• Place orders through the command staff of the floor should be able to seize opportunities in a volatile market often unexpected gold market as poor (slow trading opportunity lost sale for a good price)
• Domestic gold price fluctuations are sometimes not in world gold prices, unpredictable.
• Trade only during office hours: breakfast 8 am - 11 am, afternoon 13pm - 16pm. Besides trading hours fate investors only know the mercy of heaven, unfortunately if any changes occur to reverse the trend must accept mortification.
• No automatic stop loss system, a tool Risk prevention is indispensable for successful investment in the market more volatile, unexpected as gold and foreign currency
• Minimum Volume High: 50 amount. . If you are a novice investor, if unfortunate risks are the price we pay for the risk you are pretty expensive. You think how if only after a full night minimum deposit amount on your being evaporated.
* The second form: the form of gold sales contract terms:
+ Advantages:
• quick procedure,
• a minimum trading volume lower (lowest 10 number for a term contract, with a margin of 10%, with margin 1luong you can make a trade gold futures ),
• Can open or closed trading transactions anytime during business hours at the price listed by the bank at that time.
+ Disadvantages:
• The difference between the purchase price and the selling price of high banks, have large fluctuations can make a profit. While the high risk of loss.
• Price by banks (organizations providing services traded futures) listed from time to time.
• The domestic gold price fluctuations are sometimes not in world gold prices, unpredictable guess.
• Only transactions during office hours: breakfast 8 am - 11 am, afternoon 13pm - 16pm
• No automatic stop loss system.
• The minimum capital for trading is still relatively high gold 1 salary.
* A third type: Open gold trading account, forex brokers with reputable organizations, professional, celebrity residents crowded network investments known, trusted.
+ Disadvantages:
The most important open gold trading accounts, foreign currency online is that you have to choose a broker organization fame, prestige, and be residents invested widely known network and trust, to avoid money quack doctors to organize phishing. When selecting brokers are reputable institutions, trust and use Visa Debit proficient to transfer money and receive money , the risk of losing money due to fraudulent or not withdraw money seems to be no. You only lose by losing only your business (but this is where the lost are the same, even playing in the gold trading floor now lost the ability even higher loss due to technology and brokerage services lags )
+ Advantages:
• Online Trading 24/24, 5 days a week as world prices updated every second
• Place orders online at any time to allow quick capture opportunities to make profits or cut losses promptly to fluctuating occur.
• There stoploss system accuracy
• Trading time is shown transparent, accurate and can track purchase orders, direct profit and loss easier.
• The difference between sale and no charges lower lip instructions.
• You can start trading with small amounts - from $ 100, lets join world gold market with ease. You can learn and grasp of experience dealing with real feeling by purchasing small initial account, to avoid paying a high price for the lack of prior experience with the sensitivity needed for successful trading public.
• May perform deposits and withdrawals simple, fast, accurate and secure via credit card, Visa card
• Join a simple, fast, tradable immediately after 5 minutes
If you're passionate investor, willing to take risks to find surfing super profits from gold, trade forex please keep in mind the following principles:
+ Absolutely not trade with money you can not afford to lose (savings or money you borrowed ...)
+ Absolutely not open trading accounts with brokerage organizations strange, no fame. Avoid losing money to fraudulent brokerage organization. Today the Forex brokerage organizations mushroomed on the internet, you can find countless.
+ Select a reputable brokerage organizations, professional to minimize losses due to loss of system risk and other risks caused by poor service (enter the wrong command, enter the command slow), and start practicing trading with the smallest accounts to master the trading skills and learning experiences on each transaction before the transaction with the larger accounts to avoid paying hefty price because of lack of Experience with the strong price fluctuations and unexpected. (With 100 USD you can start the transaction, then, spent more than 10000USD or  100000USD even if it is a hefty price to know how is the taste of gold transactions)
+ Let's start with the trading account with the smallest best support tools to protect you. Do not rush to throw money out the window you. Take a demo account to practice. If you really want to play forex open a live account with the smallest amount, you will catch more quickly, simply because only when the transaction you are purchasing real feeling and the feelings that will help you "rapid growth"
+ Do not trade frequently. Trading the more likely the higher losses. Trade only when you feel most certain.
+ Always use Stoploss orders , determine the amount you take risks before making any transactions
+ Must find themselves trading principles accordingly. Do not trade just because obeying others.
+ Must know definitively cut losses when the market goes against trend is predicted, keeping the money for another transaction wiser. Absolutely not wait and hope, the market will be routed to your account.
Above are some basic principles to be successful you have to keep learning on each transaction. Only by grasping proficiency skills and academic transactions, postmortem on every transaction you new hope for success and long-term profits on gold and foreign currency markets are.
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