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Fix third party content matches

Some of you use images, sound, video, copyright, reupload youtube video and was discovered, stick bug video  content third parties coincide . So how to not encounter this error and if met, the processor how to enable monetization for video? Here is the question that the new entrants often make money in the first place and began to learn and now we will work together to find a solution.
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  • 1 Why did you get this error?
  • 2 Overcoming how
    • 2.1 Using the software
    • 2.2 Join Network
    • 2.3 Other Methods
  • 3 Conclusion
    • 3.1 Related topics

Why you got this error message?

By Youtube:   Video n ội third party content matches  as you upload video contains content coincides with a Youtube video uploaded by another party earlier that video that contains copyright protected ie Video household and you do not have permission to upload and enable monetization.
Contents of third parties coincide
Upload your video will be scanned for comparison with a database containing the files that users Content ID sent Youtube. Once identified a match and your video standard and a file in the database, the system will confirm that ownership video content owners involved and apply any policy that they were prescribed.

How fix

If fault ! or ? then you can join the Network  to enable monetization always but for the error , "third-party content to coincide," then you have to handle more complicated. I'm not going to teach you the details of how to end this resolution because the case that we have different ways of handling the same formula and I'll be only seen by your keywords .

Using a software

2 software ProShow Producer / Gold and  Camtasia Studio 8 surely you also have used the two software can support video upload to YouTube from your computer, before saving the video on the computer you choose to Publish Video to channel Youtube always, your job is to fill in the required information as shown below
Upload Video to Youtube via ProShow Producer
This way too simple and not appreciated that much, if you used the software, then he could have known through the spleen 2D and 3D for the Video Youtube, the Youtube Partner will spleen 3D using the software  Corel VideoStudio Pro  or  Cyberlink Power Director . Usually if playing movie themes, it will take about 2-3 hours, with the films all day, I do not encourage you to use this way to make money on YouTube because it violated the moral, not adhered to therefore the rights of authors in the YouTube Partner Master course we always ensure that participants can creatively attract Video content to make money.

Join the Network

As I mentioned when you create a Youtube channel, you must first determine your Google Adsense or Network play, if Google Adsense, then your content must be homemade, Network, I see most of you play Re-Upload not through form processing anything, this way no one now also play then because Network only fix errors 3rd party content that just bugs ! , ? only. If you want third party content spleen coincide Network when you join, you can only use confirmation copyright owner of the video.
Example : You know a debut MV will need a lot of people perform is not it, in addition to his singer also elected director, chief cameraman, sound studio, a lot ... so if MV confirmed received by a singer or director that you can identify as people recording this song.
View more:  >>What is a Network? Why should monetize Youtube via Network?

Other methods

In addition to his 2 way on each use, you can change the sound, a number of video images, insert another video in between, change the format to chase  .DAT , use separate sound background in retained profit video using video editing software.
If you make sure that the video content you create, you can click on disputes

If you are a content owner and you believe your content to meet the proposed criteria Youtube, you can  register Content ID  with Youtube, if you do not know what is Content ID, please learn them because you read all of this article and look at the last sentence you will understand :).


That's 3 ways on which they see the YouTube Partner in Vietnam often used to make money on Youtube  with methods Re-Upload sticky content error coincide third parties. In this article I do not share the details of how to do it yet because this is a violation of ethics does not respect copyright, so I will not share the philosophy:
" Understanding the law will be the law spleen "- Laws of Life

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