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Experience EA automatically select transactions for Trader

Why Forex with robots?

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Autotrading Robot (EA - Expert Advisor)  is a support system of cu Technical Analysis Indicator, including trading tactics programmed and tested using data in the past (called Backtest)
A trading strategy usually including the trading conditions and exit commands . VD: EA trade based on the 2 MA Cross Over the short and long term, the short-cut signal exceeds MA MA LT then EA will enter commands immediately or further review in Indicator RSI condition, ...
Currently many Trader system to your trading method to be applied mechanically. Trading with automatic Rbot the following advantages:
  1. The data obtained from past inspection and test in real conditions : Backtest past results often far from reality, one of the causes is the time, you need to open your computer or hire VPS 24/24 to run EA because it is programmed to monitor the market continuously, if not online, they may miss the opportunity to trade.
  2. Not psychological factors impact : Robots are not trading on emotions as humans, winning not create a sense of exasperation want "revenge" Now, any activity based on predefined formula should be no actions "extravagant" because of the feeling of greed & fear dominates

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  3. Patiently waiting for the best opportunity : Not all times are a good opportunity to enter the market, most of the time no waves so transactions would be boring and even risky.
  4. There are rules for trading profits, cut losses steadfast : The setup usually preset EA SL and TP for each command, and when the market fluctuated trading EA can still by treated with script


Overcoming the psychological factors, Robot proven effective trading methods, many organizations still use EA trustees to invest capital. However, the market is much EA, you should select the robot has the following characteristics:
  1. Trade for each session : Asian session usually very weak oscillations hit sideways appropriate strategy during the US session and the trade breaking waves makes Breakout, so each session analyzing and trading characteristics, not apply for all market conditions.
  2. Always protect TK Stoploss orders : For many EA TP command clever ways to use slider to improve profitability TP.

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  3. Percentage Profit / Loss - Reward / Risk reasonable : Do not choose the EA and won many orders SMALL HOLE large orders, have no interest at EA consecutive trading but only for some loss orders do not lead to reduced braking account. Note not trade with EA hanging open commands, these are super risky because if the market will reverse direction sharply "fire" account.
  4. Tested on DEMO accounts internship : EA must be allowed to trade on a virtual account to test about 2 months before putting real money
Robot launched trading strategies with more precision and tireless, besides No Stress - No Emotion is the dominance that EA than a transaction manually, on the social network dedicated to World Trader like Zulutrade, MyFXbook, .. statistical results between two groups and used Trading craft trade by EA, the robot team wins more stable results.
I wish EA Trader quality choice!

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