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Youtube today has become one of the largest online video sharing world. In addition to providing interesting videos, hilarious, comedy .... but we still see the Youtube Daily also opened opportunities for the Internet marketer to earn extra income online.
Recipes youtube video SEO for top 10
There are many ways to make money from YouTube, but in the framework of this short article, I just like to share about how to make money online using Youtube SEO top # 10.
Comes to SEO, surely everyone understands what it means to making money online . The rankings you put in how many on the search results have great significance to your income from the Internet. According to one study, if your keyword is located at No. 1, you will get your traffic up to 42% + of the total number of monthly search, compared to 12% for 2nd place and a few% to the The remaining positions.
However the top rank posts in the conventional way is not easy, especially for those keyword difficult, highly competitive. The keyword top rank easier but more easy but time and effort you put into it is not small. On average, you can take from 1-3 months to rank top keywords a medium difficulty and degree of difficulty from 2 weeks - 1 month for easier if you do keyword properly.

Why we should SEO Youtube?

Then there any solution to this problem is not if you have only one week's time, the answer is to rank top in YouTube videos with your chosen keyword. Firstly by reason of the current SE support display multimedia search, which means on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is not only the result of the article, the text as before, but also displays more link Results from Video, Image ...
Especially for Google, you'll often see the Youtube video site appears in search results, why not a video of the other sites, the reason so because Youtube is an indispensable part of Google should definitely be favored him more and Wood.
2nd reason that we should SEO and put your Video on top, is because SEO Youtube top rank much easier than traditional SEO, and also relatively good effect if we do it right. According to the research in the world, users tend to focus attention on the video or image if it occurs in their area on SERP see instead pay attention to the results appear in top 3 Google.
My own, dotcomtech have yet to earn $ from top SEO Youtube Video, so that the reason may be because the keyword that you choose incorrectly, do not provide the ability to Call to Action is a keyword high and there is no profit. However, the truth about making money online via Youtube Video has proven to be effective. Many of his friends had earned from a few dozen to $ 100 + from the top rank on the youtube video.

So this article can do for you

But that he had earned money from the top Seo Youtube but I'll just tell you how to put your video up top, and perhaps if you pick the right keyword and product, you will earn money on their network more, and then, please share how you choose for yourselves 😀 keyword
Unlike some other bloggers just mentioned theory, what I share here purely from experience and experience itself, but that knowledge is limited but we hope it will help somewhat to you.

I. Factors affecting top SEO Youtube

1. Title & Description

Like the traditional SEO for web pages, you need to optimized background information in the Title and Description for your video. Editing and optimization Title and Description are made ​​during upload videos or may edit later in the Video Manager
Part of Video Title necessarily contain the keyword you are targeting, preferably Keyword should appear first in the title, the length should not exceed 66 title characters, the title too long the case will not be useful for SEO of you.
Title and description tags optimized for youtube video
Section Description can be longer, should contain keyword preamble and related keyword attached. For example, if your keyword is "lose weight fast", the relevant keyword will be: diet, HIIT workouts .... For you who want to lead the viewer perform certain actions, such as one click on the link with your purchase, do not forget to insert the link into the Description section then, attention should just insert link to the first sentence, so that the link does not was obscured when youtube shortened your description.

2. Tag

Insert from 5-7 keyword related to the tag of the video, attention given to the first main keyword Tag. A small experience as you browse through related videos and themes, another turn and see their high view of what tag, record some of their tag similar to tag your videos appear in the video Related Videos That big, this will also bring significant traffic to your video.

3. Reputation and turn view

Video reputation is an extremely important factor to rank top on Google, Youtube like for your visitor see the video by everyone appreciated and popular, because it assumes that these videos are of high quality and conform to the requirements of users.
Hit view rankings affect youtube video
So how to increase your reputation for Video. First of all you need to know that the reputation Youtube calculated based on the number of viewers within 24-48 hours of the past. That means how, when you upload a video to youtube, within 24 to 48 hours, please do everything possible to increase the volume up as high as possible view.
To do so, please share the video on social networks, post on your blog, and promoting in wherever possible to increase the turn view and like in a shortest possible time. Once your video is considered Popularity (common), the ranking on SERP also interpret it to rise very rapidly.

4. Backlinks

Backlink SEO valued not only traditional but also as one of the indispensable elements to improve your ranking on Google Youtube video to get backlinks on video, you can use a variety of ways, such as video on Embeds blog, your website, or build links pointing to video in blogs, forums ... Backlink quality as they rank your video gets higher.

5. Ratings and Comments

The more rating and comment means your video interesting and exciting. Youtube spend more priority to the video like this. Therefore, try to make more comments and Thumb up by asking friends to comment, or could create many acc youtube and comment for your self also.
comment and rating helps top seo youtube video
Note the comment, you should try to put the keyword in natural so offline. Another way to get the visitor's comments add to the end video suggestive as: "Please tell me your opinion again," and "You see the video or not, or the like and share go, what are we waiting again "....
Above are 5 most important factors have a strong influence on the top rank on Google's YouTube video. In my next article, I will share one of the videos that I have rank top 3 with the above tips.

II. Case Study: Recipes rank top 3 Google with YouTube video

Keyword: Design Your Own Logo
Exact monthly Search: 5400 (Global), 1900 (US)
Competition: High
Top seo keyword research for youtube
The highest ranking ever achieved: Top 3
Current position: Page 2-3
Cause relegated: Backlink lost due to the nick LOL, no longer build links and promote increased view

Process optimization:

1. Optimized Title and Description

Optimized title for top seo youtube video*Title

This is the title of the video, usually with the title you should put only character and paragraph 66 in which the keyword is repeated 2 times, 2 separate times, the record is not necessarily exactly like the front that let you customize a ti.Tu lock yourselves up to the first title in the video even if the title is longer than 66 characters, it will not show you all the success ... that's theory or say it this long, but with her it I still burn longer than 66 characters, please try another search content on Youtube try what they see title longer than 66 characters a lot.

Otherwise select appropriate keywords, then sometimes do a "title jerk" headline launched pan is also stimulating others to see it, do not overdose the content with the title you nothing interrelated then one report, dislike.


Here is the description of the video content and the usual length of 200 characters or may hon.Ban widely try the keywords that video is headed, how important keyword for top money and so on are widely ta.Hay tissue around and attach keyword descriptions in a natural way  do not try to put pressure on content but not mean ca.Va keywords can relate several , not necessarily identical record , eg you want seo keyword " seo youtube video " can accompany the keywords such as: optimal video youtube , youtube put video up top ...

You can insert video link below the video related to relatively more plays to our view and put the link as : fanpage , twitter , google + ... if any .

2. Optimal Tag,Playlist and Thumbnails

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  *Tag as dung support, additional content for the main keywords of the video , you should place the main keywords in the first and followed by the distribution of related keywords so that the most reasonable and of course you do not get abusive use it to spam the keyword tag  that let you do video .If moderate manner or form part episode is heard tag to take effect pretty good .

*Playlist When you make a video series with the same content to the Playlist , then go for it helps the viewer easy access to relevant video and reality prove Playlist also enjoy seo virtual because when users search the playlists will be displayed in list search.With a playlist , you can share your content description should describe any additional content and insert the keywords that you want to reach in there , but not known to have been underestimated Youtube but nonetheless just do not waste time is the title of Playlist nhieu.Va do not forget to include your keyword is always offline.

*Thumbnails  is a representation of the video image , in other words the image shown on the video title ban.dotcomtech.net think this does not affect the Youtube seo ranking but it is like this title , thumbnail is look over there Predictably the content of the video , from which the viewer can decide whether to do it or not.But video now on Youtube video course thumbnails not related to the content as it is, people do try to create beautiful pictures to irritate viewers click .dotcomtech.net think this is pretty cool way than to default too bad, but what also has its actual extent .When doing video or blog post always design the Thumbnails to generalize the content they want and work towards their very well. videos on Youtube , you should design size is 1280 × 720 Thumbnails for crisp image display on youtube when searching offline.

3. Hit view + Rating + Comment

Boost 50 downloads / day within the first day by sharing on social networking sites, plays this view was share by one of his other video with keyword: "Make your own logo" which you can see right next to search keywords: "Make your own logo." The comments are taken from the lock so natural.
Rank the top google youtube video

4. Backlinks (This section is important here)

Backlink taken from their support forums do-follow link, per day maximum set 5-10 backlink, 5th to 4th day the strong boost 40-50 backlink / day, equally divided into the forum, and do not put too much 1 backlinks forum / day offline. A high PR do-follow forums set quite effective backlink
Several other Forum you can earn additional or email link to get a list of ...@gmail.com do-follow forums take place links 
Show the pictures at the push up top 3 video for everyone to see through, not the guillotine made ​​me 
No. 3 for top seo youtube video


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A youtube video top SEO process if done correctly according to what we showed it can take from 5-7 days (may take a little longer) to see on the top 10 of Google. Depending on the keyword that you choose will have different results. Hopefully this small article can help you climb the top video Google put someday. If you have any questions regarding, please leave your comment below offline. I'll try to answer in the shortest time.
The bottom line, if you think this article is not so bad, please support by clicking Like intelligent and decent people Share. What you earn money online through SEO youtube then share their results so that people have the motivation that strives offline. Thank you and see you in the following article.
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