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Theory section on basic HYIP : How to check the site and invest reasonably efficient and safe

In this first part I will present the components that make up the site, and the activities related to the broadcast site, add the monitor, up sticky forums.
Some people say that it does not matter is important to pay good admin or not, this is totally wrong, because what good thing or not pay your admin bits DC beginning, affordable call asking admin, or until cuff then the site was dangerous, so people consider  check site. Put simply, when signing contracts to do business, why they dressed  travel smart cars, why large companies to haul basis to beautiful offices, shop frontage wide area. Its influence can not be denied.

What I want to emphasize here what is not common trait  good ones, the doctors do not throw bricks at this unrealistic, what I asked was for you to have one little notion how many admin lose money and effort for one site. can not deny that the site admin  invest so much money and effort will bring much higher safety 1 site to get it done early dike scam. And of course, popular culture, how to apply none of your self taught.

you do not say: see the site as well that scam soon, the site makes baton to live longer, it is faultfinding. I repeat, there are exceptions, because HYIP depends primarily on the situation of the investor . But the majority is right. Exceptions are the exception, if properly applied DC and mostly successful, cutout dc exceptions being wrong, is enough to eat
Everything check this site is just one part, and check the situation of the investor as well dep draw upon check site, not the default, just check check site design, hosting, do something.
It did not help me to present you the site has long tremor, which will help you the first day when there was no basis whatsoever. first day of DC do you know it will not live long, but to preserve the site lepers lived, how to know, waiting for the opportunity lost, or try one way dep luck? Pai Pai is not based on an analysis of stars

Later I will show how grooves inspection site check to determine whether to jump in or drawn to apply for the site have long trembled then,

Check site also has 2 parts: based on theory and experience. Theory is the obvious longer experience the things you have concluded that the combination using known relationships as admin, acquaintances via promoter, located at the assembly area of ​​the country where groups of pro HYIP often share confidential DC information about HYIP site

Check site says Ok theory before, so to do one site to the component HYIP.

I will fly slowly, script, design, hosting, ssl, ddos, monitors, ... .in the next section. Understanding this is the amount you would anticipate capital spending admin How much do site which have a legitimate investment decisions, may be helpful for those you want to become admin, have to learn, but I do not recommend doing admin for money scam others go easy with great retribution.

Script is the main parts of the site operator. all site activities depends on script
The script type: goldcoder, goldcoder fake  copyright piracy, probiz, shadow, h-script (and variations of h-script),

Goldcoder: $ 145 first the next time discount, the normal site daily and 90% use this script, if customers spend null concave site (not licensed) often people do not spend much severance goldcoder hack other categories

view demo: Login: demo Password: demo
Check licensed

Probiz: $ 199 script once-fierce competition with goldcoder but later was drowning and now rarely seen,
view demo: username and password are demouser la
Check licensed:

Shadow: Script very expensive and detailed, the price ranges from 400 to 2000 depending on setting, log in here and see that

view demo: User: user Password: 123456 Secondary Password: 111111

Check licensed
H-script and the edge may: also known as the Russian script normally used in several Russian sites, often have to recharge before I.  wallet, payment information and invoice coding is rather little memo record username.

Special category: vip wild trumpet is set as admin, as, malaysian-inc or besionunion script to size $ 4,000, some personal admin scripts as well with, each time the site is very dep DC east

1 script order: borrow uncle turtle image


Tips number 1: Absolute away goldcoder script that contraband does not licensed, genuine sites script should order prompt c grace speculate


Design as well as the clothes of one man, it says a lot about the person wearing it, people dressed, wearing luxurious rich, people wearing rags to poverty, people dressed in effect, people wear fake goods Counterfeiters Brand, from which business investment decisions with someone

Also we have the case of "changing clothes", is one site interface changes, as well as a great opportunity to invest, because the site has invested 1 paragraph and intended changes to the development, but there is one number attention when investing these sites:

1. changing clothes from underwear to clothing: short day or skipuprofit nightmoneyclub from basic underwear goldcoder jump with tasty dressing DC play a dozen day
2. replacement from one pond to the other: if beautiful coat and into than they should play, even if there is no plan to upgrade or not reasonable, it also should not play, such as changing clothes but plan after90days too long just dropped start ups  any money to  plan, then should not play.

The important elements of a good design is: the original, do not collide, the exquisite creativity, diversity, level of meticulous detail, the good integration with scripts
In my opinion the standard of 1 hour Good design has no one pass designing DC:

Some popular  design (US) This product is the most quality team, beautiful design, bright, attention to detail, and good integration with scripts. Prices are quite harsh. It depends you redeem or new orders
W this guy doing quite DC, its sites often have red signs is recommended, with the crease. DC acceptable price. (Russia ) Perennial and experience should professional, but do not count quite annoying customer dimension, most famous offspring, but also other visual style site may recognize as strongforex, or recent globalforex forex-source., Prices are also extremely from 100- 800 depending on quality (India) specializes old guys make probiz script, then increasingly lazy and gained, the disgraced probiz should this guy almost (Russian ) specializing run rush order, provisional DC quality, price fluctuations 300 (Romanian) style quite punctual. Making the site are quite alike. also reach 300 (Persian) quite old, slashing evil, but also delicious (Russia ) DC the cheap, ready-made sales and secondhand cheaply + script illegal, dangerous backdoor installed on floods

Tips number 2: the site changing clothes, reasonable plan can speculate, opposite the site rather unexpected plan, with the plan to flee the virtual , do not return to pick up shoes
3. SSL

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a security standard global technology creates a link is encrypted between the web server and browser. This link ensures that all data exchanged between web servers and browsers are always confidential and safe. SSL ensures that all data passed between the web server and the browser is a private one, detached In HYIP, SSL is important because if not have it, the site is easy to bi hack, password and pass will go rumbling.
SSL is extremely price, from cheap to expensive range reach several thousand $ $
Often the site or buy cheap SSL as type of comondo possitive 20 price range down depending reseller,

Knowing ssl: look at the browser, the address bar next to the word https blue + ssl lock is, click on it to place information about ssl
More detail: here typing the domain name will be detailed

Some senior ssl labeled as a green bar, of course, is expensive and safer, greenbar the blue bar at the previous company name leeches only domain

Large sites often bought greenbar long day, the ability to successfully invest in this site is high.

Tip number 3: avoid the no ssl site, admin totally not serious with your money, with green bar site is one factor potentially good investment
some ssl and greenbar format displayed on the browser


update 5/8

4. DOMAIN (domain name)

Domains very cheap price only reach $ 15 down for the year. Should it not decided what to  financial investment made by the admin site, so one simple thing like domain name, it will affect the heck to site?

First, there are those free domain, free domain sites are poorly absolutely stay away, because the cheapest ones are not spending money admin is what you are expecting. typical example is the site with a series .tk domain names daily, the site does not operate all was trying to cheat money. 

Second, one domain brings danger was confiscated from the domain or domain registar close (the registered domains) in the case of a complaint, the report too much about spam scams, illegal hacking activities ... come from the game competition site manually or randomly. Soiled with this very difficult to handle because of registar support handle very long, but with HYIP time is important, so long no one in DC, no one investment, no one pulled DC Pai led to collapse scam site. He grew crystal blue is one example of this mump. despite moves through .org but everyone is afraid to flee leads to collapse site.

Third, absolutely no investment sites use domain names with the time between the two sites are separated by less than 1 year.

Fourth, a good site will invest much more when domain name system make better avoid incidents like the system Keyanyday 9 domain name, this is a positive signal to investors.

Tips no 4: Absolutely no investment free site like .tk domain name, do not invest reusable site domain name, site domain name strange, high-risk sites confiscated domain name. The investment site backup multiple domain names is a good sign to consider investing

The general concept, why Pai host check

The examination of a HYIP host is necessary. Since hosting is one of the large amounts of capital admin need money to open a Web site other than pulp HYIP. Most of the good HYIP use extreme good hosting and getting and so I repeat, do not on talking nonsense question: what matters important host admin pay well or not. Say this one is the form of incense , money pay or not pay pending admin, two forms of play around the site is leprosy, never set foot on the site to monumental. Especially the long day site big, hosts an extremely important factor, however, it says the saying goes, with the mid-range site, it's just one element, can not just rely on it that say good site site batons, while Pai consider many aspects. Check to estimate the amount of admin.
Check host outside judgment at first site, there is one other important effect is to calculate the date expiring host site where dragonflies, Brothers in zoom'm well aware I checked dozens of host-based award term tangerine host site as in, thereby avoiding scam sites feeding DC live, because very little midrange admin site paid host to the next bill period.

Hosting divided into multiple categories too: private servers, shared servers, virtual or cloud servers ...

So says a host gatherings as homes. Site private server is genuine spending as villas, private homes, in private server is also divided into many categories, high profile or low, has strong anti dddoss or not, as well as a big or small, protected garden Pool defense or not. This is also true of  manner with a shared server, if shared server shaving too good, it's like 1 block from the inn, small lips 1 small space, and server stubs stubs it as one dorm room a dozen people in general ( several dozen common site), even giants such KAD site vip then purchase the house at the happy couple,

DDoS attacks are making the goal, as web sites, online services, become overloaded leading to collapse. Users not in DC, the dep and how withdrawals, Site HYIP most important time that is not a full-day visit DC is nothing close early. which is why anti-DDoS Pai. Perpetrators of DDoS DDoS is we make money, began vomiting money admin Pai, also may be its competitors.

To check the host, can go: or or quickly, in check
Some common hosting admin HYIP or use the current review for you to check



This kind of kind of reputation, anti-DDoS good, fast support, staff support, so I speak English quite pleasant, while Pai explain what
if the purchase price is getting its own server, from 600 upwards, while buy server share and then also cheap only cloud level fluctuates around 300. Large sites spend a lot of its services

There is one thing in particular noted that all other tut blacklotus reader is the most misunderstood, this danger, should know that blacklotus has several reseller everywhere, but this reseller to resell price is very cheap, and often bought via admin blacklotus here to there name. Should not the mere fact that the plug connector blacklotus dep neck, very wrong.

I can take the example you see the site recorded record dns hosting is blacklotus but it is very cheap is the reseller or prices ranging from 20 So depending loai.Cung 100 record dns hosting blacklotus that press see it written as well as reseller A good site with its own server dns name is usually the name of your site. Blacklotus generally good though but most of DDoS or because firms compete against other ddos ​​ddos ​​mutual travel

This kind of Russia we price range 400 to 800 / month. Support not fast, he does not sound good chat, but stable against DDoS and medicines heights, almost 100 percent Russian site using the company services, generally good. How aware are often considered its dns record
ns1., etc. however private server while to dns name standard site as crystal-blue case site


This type also offer all kinds of lower gold upper bran, from shared, to offshore, to the cloud and own server, with the cheapest reach $ 150, private server, it costs $ 450 or more range not including service. Anti DDoS good, not fast but enthusiastic support, often hour support is now Europe, I rather liked its technical guy, say little do much. Occasionally downsite one way not reason, but generally DC. Private Server also usually standard dns site name, server offshore trade in the Netherlands have dns nl (number) for the admin  not touching neck was fine. shared and dedicated server ip not only often have some big ns. Note koddos will not record that record is hosting the Esercurity koddos many of you does not know this or harrowing spoken very dangerous for newbie. The company has service pack directly against DDoS 24/24 and unlimited evening show support but actually they go to bed. Sure just DC 4/24, new sales call up =) so it is a waste of money reviews

4. This type of recovery in 2011 is quite common now rare site occasionally have spent, but also strong enough to lower bran gold upper, actually I never connected it before.

5. cloudfare: using cloud technology, cheap, intermittent early 2013 to now quite common but now the boat sinks or spinning

6. maxantiddos: reseller of blacklotus, lean, like child support KEC, the way to the old, real recommend people stay away from this guy.

Anti-DDoS service direct marketing of the grain, the cheapest is $ 3.96 / month, the most expensive over $ 100, with emergency services against DDoS generally excellent, I can not complain almost any sentence, site use have dns format (Abbreviation site). (Host name or firm ns1). 

The confusion about the host:

- Machines, see the company name that does not know the package stubs or lux, sold through reseller or not, plunged into dep, dep blaclotus here alone genuine, finished grudge

- One thing that many players and even pro or confusion. check ip host the show along with many other sites that already in front of the admin said these sites that this other world. ridiculous. As a reminder the same ip unless the distance between the site less than 1 month. but even less than 1 month to host shared kind I told you, it's like the inn, a dozen guys who live DC. Furthermore, the fact the admin site they never do so unless the same ip all too batons. if the host they will buy other IP that retains that host.

- There's a lot more wrong site he found the expried finished check whois protection is still years away expire if you're saying that this is the domain limit, no limit host  also limit host computer except tail head except for a few days to make money from delivery to the host until 1 day.

More information for the team that wants to do admin, anonymity Pai top priority, so the company chose to accept  in cash anonymously as PM, before the LR, or if purchased with ** should purchase = VCC then, I'm saying that, I still recommend that you not the admin, other people will have money scam retribution Well, not this life Pai Where there eating salty or progeny.

So when the star of DDoS site, if the site has a large press was ddos ​​yen go, admin fear ddos ​​hole after going up quite delicious, young buffalo investor also run down already.
When shaking the site for the day of DDoS is no money in that courtship Pai dep interest for us is dep, CMN'm dead already, try and draw then

Tips # 5: check the host with 2 check admin work can invest or not and check dragonflies lay before the expiration host. Site-range and medium-range stubs may not matter but certainly genuine site comes with a good host. Host Provider Name Only, Pai note pack package is empty, avoiding seen blacklotus, blockdos as investors jumped into rushing

6. Statics.

Statics aka parameters of the site is one part paramount to the situation on site.
Statics Basic will include key information such as start dates, days run the site, the amount of member participation, the amount of active member (with beautiful money), the total amount dep, total amount withdrawn.
Stats side will give you the information about 10 people  end, 10 people  final pay, the largest dep Persons who, who were introduced at most.

Parameter Statics 2 types, type true and false categories. (Fake)

Why fake PAI parameters, fake to do, is real or fake admin up to?

Simplify is 1 tip for most polished, fake crisis to illustrate his site, people trust investment evil newbie People look at his reward 1 1 psychological crowd: "How many other people dep engine but, I follow some not so "simple words, as you go contract genuine car loan business, go philandering driver also borrowed nice box.

One effect of fake 2nd is that the player does not know which times behind blind, there is no basis for assessing biological check, just groping.

3rd effect, only work with newbie, is fake enthusiasm for the Fast Growing in, 1 the work site machines, do not need to know any fake or not to the top,
newbie see his cell sites are leading dep behold, I'm good, how are ripped

However fake also counterproductive, sometimes it makes the player feel frightened, and ran away. And generally these fake sites are often more difficult to believe DC, so ultimately to do

1 admin So, you must choose between two paths, real or fake.

This is both an art and a dependent point, you remember the time of the new LR die, no no DC fake, fake admin must also, for the time dep force too crestfallen, like stale bun that, ko fake = dead. The site then 100% fake. However, when the market stabilizes, fake is 2 blade knife.

I take you one example to the contrary, but to spiritual hooat, must use his head.
Where the market has stabilized the site only light fake or not fake, suddenly appeared a site that looks good, people compete to dep, moneywood example, up to the 10k dep site and do not pay 1dong, then admin tangerines always. Site the next day is habitual admin Orbit dep fake high, but did not notice the people are afraid of the situation blanch from service before it, no one ventured dep. collapse site.

That's 2 shows a simple example is one art fake. and when to fake, not always, as long as the fake medium, or absolutely not, use your head, shaking. with people based on how well investors think that a reasonable investment. Avoid damage to the fake site and not fake the wrong time.

How to identify fake one site?

You can view additional information from the last but to let the top investor deposit. With software autofake you will see the existence of the first nick name in a foreign language with standard comes with 4 figures dep 1 large amounts example jamescarter1612 dep $ 3,200 ....

With the fake hand, to recognize that there are an even number so, for example, but member dep 1000
500, 2000 or the odd numbers too horrible: 777, 567, 834 If indeed they often will dep dep 1001, 501, 2001 for being the first mold can jump higher profit plan. However some will sit fake admin hardworking quite detailed this for real salamander.

Another way to detect fake, when detecting large dep 1 member, you can stroll round the monitor view that member so requests RCB have not, because what one player rolls again stupid to waste large amounts dep RCB for such . Furthermore, if large amounts DC dep breeze on facebook site or somewhere of the promoters, it is false.

If you see appear in the monitor and request RCB username but that's famous pro investor familiar, it is true.

OK, now the most important, so watch and manipulate inconsiderate Statics out how .:

I will show how to view each item gradual one: Started running day and day, total member and active member, top deposit, deposit last, top referrer.

1. Started running day and day:

This site runs with but did not say hundreds of days, while the new site run short day 1 of the following tips. In the even-day mark (10, 20, 30, 40, 50), you should stop to listen or reduce down, I say black, but do not recommend spending the quit, the last day the dep next tasty, because the even-day milestone anniversary site or online dates with the mailings, added bonus, the new plan guide to the site collapsed. This also become tradition, creating an effect that in contrast, the Russian investor ngố or stop black in these days leading to output declines dep site or gone well so to date This. Some fake site dates long run, you should inspect the site at the monitor and see the scam forums yet, or no matter what. 2. Total members & active member Total member: this most important ko, mainly to surf quickly found popularity of the site and to see if the site has not only fake member Active member: active members is very important information for it is information who dep site, however its shortcomings is that it does not divide by day but total general information for you to predict the relative amount by multiplying the amount of damage dep average level with figures This 3. Last deposit & newest member: Why did I put this two together, because this two are closely related, is the fastest way to detect fake admin is home. If you see the newest member he A deposit which last saw him ko Pai A, then through the table saw his last 10 deposit A, he A is 100% fake useful Newest member also help you monitor food's bonus amounts, especially in recruiting ref you have can establish a more refined but still eat early topic RCB Ok now to the most important ones. Top Paid out deposit and then Top referrers


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