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The strategy builds links safest to new website

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The strategy builds links to new websitePanda algorithm, Penguin ... birth did hell of spammers and not at the entrance webmasters build links under the old method. Currently users care very Google in particular and SE (Search Engine) Other general focus, the provision of information concerning what Searcher search become a vital element of the SE.

The site that Google tried to rank top in the SEO backlinks through tools and tips spam though perhaps surpassed Google for the first time but it certainly rank will not survive long. And then as a day you'll never see your site is on Google if trouble continues with the traditional method of spam.

Based on theory, the construction site to guide quality content to readers, not the spam link that must build natural links to Google being fined. Say say so, but certainly a lot of you will have questions as: What defines a natural link build is like? Build as many links / day, build links in place? ...... This is the problem we have ever encountered, there are many strategies to build backlinks improve rankings on Google, but in the framework of article This short, I just like to give you one strategy that you are applying for your blog, a small blog about how to make money online , make money online courses and many other procedures ...., this approach has to see some certain effect. Hopefully this will be useful for beginners who build websites and awkwardly unsure start link building strategy for how reasonable.

Before construction site, determine tag yourself, the best keywords are keywords that have low competition, high search volume, and have the financial resources, which means that your keyword search user with a view For purchase or wishing to use the service you are providing. However these keywords have enough common elements in the highly competitive and difficult to rank top if you are a beginner in SEO step by step.
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So the strategy of how build links here?

Please choose a main keyword search volume high, medium and Competition 4-5 extra keyword support, involving the main keyword, with search volume relative low competition to conduct SEO and build a new site.

Write quality content: 700 - 1000+ word for the primary and secondary keyword, each keyword at least 1 post, well On page optimization, internal links ... .. for that article

January 1st:

- In the first week since the content should not build any links yet.

- In week 2 + 3, build 1-3 link / day for each keyword, the average 15 links / day

- In week 4, build 2-5 link / day for each keyword, averaging 20-25 link / day

2nd month:

- Check the goods of the keyword, if the keyword rose too fast, slowing the build links

- If you find keywords increased steadily, rising 1-3 link / day for each keyword

- If you find keywords dropped, double daily link for each keyword build

3rd month onwards:

- Build links each day doubled from the previous month to maintain rankings

In the case of keywords was standing despite links strategically build on, it means that your backlink is a lack of strength, most of the current build backlinks only from forums, blogs, social network .... The link usually relatively low quality of work should only take profit.

To earn the quality backlink, do-follow from high PR sites, there are many ways.

- The first one is that you can build one powerful high PR site and damage to many backlink want also, this way though and but only theoretical.

- 2nd way is to make a guest blogger for related blogs and sites, this way not only helps you get quality links but also bring a considerable amount visit the blog / your website.

- How to buy backlink 3rd from high PR sites to have the best quality link. The purchase price of the site link in Vietnam rather large questions, express themselves using the link at a market place packages in the world dedicated to providing quality backlink with affordable and safe with Panda and Penguin. The one you should register available to acc contingency, this site is currently free to registered members, friends interested can visit and register . As for himself, often to the 2nd month you will proceed to buy a packet link here to increase sharply for keywords, pack their favorite services cost $ 21 including do-follow link 60+ in the High PR sites from 7-6 - 5. you can use if necessary. To use this service, you just need to know how to register an account (free), choosing appropriate link package and pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

So why build links in the right?

Build links in the blog related to the subject you are pursuing. Particularly those that support blog comment Luv is a good place for you to build links.

Build links in high PR forums, best do-follow link. Currently in Vietnam there are a number of forums that support high PR links in signatures do-follow, these are good places for you to build links. You do want to have a list of 30 high PR forum to put backlink may contact her by email: judyluky@gmail.com offline. This gift is for your 20 most quick whiff
Some other places where you can build another link is the social networking sites, bookmarking .... Backlink in these pages but are no-follow but will give you a decent amount of traffic there. Moreover, the combination of no-follow and do-follow will make the process build your links naturally more
I know that will have you wondering why the keyword itself to build new links bear on top, right? Do not build with it? If you already have questions like above, you can refer to the article Search Engine using the link How to better understand why offline.

The last thing I want to say is all what I share in this article is purely personal experience. Do not guarantee that you will apply to the top, because it depends on many factors. However, it is for you to see an overview of what you need to do. Hope you will make a lot of money when your SEO is keyword on top. In case you did not know how to make money with the ultimate possibility of its SEO, please refer to this article . I've gone from 100k which reached nearly 1,000,000 VND per month, regularity and continuity. Discover your earning power. I believe that you will do better than her. Wishing you much knowledge obtained from this article. All comments and questions you please comment below or visit the blog on how to make money on their own to direct contact with me. Thank you and see you again