The Setup Important When Make Money From Youtube

The important thing when you make money with YouTube , or more precisely are the settings that you often forget or ignore when making money with YouTube , we'll start with a general re offline!
When participants make money with YouTube , that is to make money by posting videos on Youtube there are many tricks, tips to help you work better, you can refer to in item Youtube monetize all posts and comment Comment ahead. Today I look over the settings to their individual is important, but we often ignore.
Installation instructions Youtube
With some you personally think that these settings are not important, and ignored, the mixed reviews so I will not comment at all. Just like in life people think making money, make more money is the most successful new model, in their individual share plenty of help so many so new was most successful.
Let's begin each installation while making money with YouTube, according to the most overlooked or ignored until at least offline!

First: Links to social networking channels

Please visit here to install: https://www.youtube.com/account_sharing
Currently supported Youtube link with 3 social network Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus Youtube however the automatic link when you registered your account, unless you make a new change should remove your link again.
Social network links with Youtube
Social network links with Youtube
With social networking, you pretty obvious, but with Twitter is not popular in Vietnam, this is the popular social network in the US or other western countries, your link will be good if you target the market this field.
Your linking to social networking enables automatic posting your information, and the interaction between you and your audience better.

Second: Youtube Channel Advanced Settings

Please visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings
Pay attention to the following settings:
Change the channel name and tag
Change the channel name and tag
Please change your channel name that related to the topic you are posting video, channel tag, too, or more of the plates 3-5 keywords which you are involved. This makes your Google assess better channel.
Installation advertising course you should choose and then, if there is no special reason why you have to turn it off. Please turn on so you can have money is that 
Part associated with Adwords is UNNECESSARY, at some other sites have guidelines require mandatory link Adwords but this is not necessary, you do not need to link adwords if you do not want to pay for YouTube.
Install Google Analytics
Install Google Analytics
Add links to your website, if you do not have your own website may link to the blog, or facebook channel management, which helps the viewer know where you come from, the interaction of the viewer and all channels will better :)
Please agree to your channel in the Channels section hints at another, this takes you to the Youtube channel and topic, and the same theme channel will also show in your channel.
On display options turn registered or not, you refer to all registered hidden subscribe Youtube views to make the right decision than offline.
Please install the Analytics tracking code to track your channel views better and easier, if you've ever used Google Analytics before.

Third: The typical installation channel

Please visit here to install: https://www.youtube.com/account_featured_programming
Typical installation consists of 3 parts, however you should use only the first two functions, 3rd function changes the whole video of the channel, and the installation is not necessary 3rd with current conditions, if you have no special reason.
Special Options Youtube
Special Options Youtube
Options in Youtube you can choose at will. With dotcomtech.net VIP member has specific guidelines for optimizing already. The self-review you offline.
The first option helps to increase the number of registered channel up, optional hints 2nd video or playlist enables increased time watching or video related to.

Fourth: Install Youtube channel design

Please visit the home page of your Youtube channel in the form as shown below, and look at the circled position.

Change the channel settings
Change the channel settings
Basic settings would channel as shown in the picture, you just enable your channel settings onto.
Turn up the channel settings offline
Turn up the channel settings offline
Then add your video trailer of the channel as shown below.
Installing video trailer for the channel
Installing video trailer for the channel
These settings make your channel better help people see the channel and want to learn about the channel easily move and learn.

Finally: Video settings after posting

This section is a little forgettable, but sometimes special to renew or forget whether you are prompted in many previous articles.
Install video to Youtube
Install video to Youtube
Take some time and optimize all elements circled. Again, take your time, think and study optimization factors out!
The installation of these components, not cause you to lose too much time on your channel, and also only one time, not continuously, but with the new you monetize YouTube back often overlooked. Take note and reuse offline.
Wish you earn more money, and do not forget to discuss relevant issues in the article offline. The difficulties you're experiencing, maybe he will not find the answers in 1-2 day, but in 1-2 weeks I'll definitely answer fully all
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