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Reading market with technical analysis

Forex Trader Hello!
To read the market, we need to gather the following information platforms:

1. timeframe: Timeframe analyze long-term - short-term

This is the first information and the most important is, Why? It depends on your trading strategy, if you are long-term Trader Review, may hold command to the whole week, the appropriate time frame is the medium-term timeframe as Weekly, Daily and H4 points in the frame. As for Day Trading, surfing in the day, the time frame is benchmarking trends 4H framework, in order in the frame M30 or H1

2. Main ongoing trend

There are 3 types of major trends: Trending, Sideway and Breakout, tactical conquer various terrains also. When shaping the environment, the Indicator Technical Sideway as RSI, Stochastic almost disabled, has no significant effect and often generate the interference signal. For trading market trend is not clear when the best method is to use price patterns Price Action (See topic of how to identify a trend reversal)

3. The area clearance

Resistence Support positions and important, the fundamentals, the clearance level has 2 major roles, to buy high or low & Buy to hit Breakout tactically as important resistance level is broken. The popular resistance level is widely used as Fibonacci, clearance under the Trendline, from the suites Moving avarage ... Drawing before the clearance for the road track, for example are on a rising trend and price adjustments are reduced when Interstitial available you need support to deal prevented from falling prices this strategic region.

4. The signal authentication support trends and signals in order

At support market reaction and adjustment signs or appearance model price Price Action, Harmonic patterns generated strong resistance ... To reinforce its belief statement is based, you are looking for additional sign that the market began to fluctuate with the expected trend and then in order to secure.

5. Time data published important news of the day

Although no trade in the news but said the moment the hot news is public would be useful to avoid the transaction at the time of a storm. Website update those important daily news, plus you need to track the pages that specializes in financing networks - Economy to see judgment of experts and soon update the foreign news. Or it can use Google Translate to translate the tool content from international news sites such as Bloomberg, one of the disadvantages of Vietnam News Trader language is limited.
Above are the most basic criteria for reading charts and what has and imminent. Now, every time you look at the price chart, you know I need to gather information to serve Trend analysis, clearance, ... this knowledge immutable, despite market fluctuations How still folded mold gradually grasp its behavior.
Investors wishing you success!