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Methods forecast trend reversals early in Forex Technical Analysis - Gold

dotcomtech.netOne of the important elements of technical analysis is to identify the key trends taking place in the market, trend analysis tool with Indicator as Moving avarage often delayed, followed by the market. Observe the following image, you see that the sequence MA Trader remains down while prices have only increased by one segment Breakout hard, almost 200 pips.
Therefore, tools should be combined with early trend indicator to identify faster reversal.
Over time monitoring and technical analysis Trend, the author recommends using Trendline as tools to identify trends early. Refer to the technical analysis tutorial trendline 
forex trend analysis
Share this topic using the Trendline to recognize Trend reversal. Examples shown in the image.
First, a strong downtrend formed earlier when constantly creating new lower bottom Belts.
Confirming signal is used with RSI momentum, more using Momentum
The steps identified Trend reversal

Step 1: Ke Trendline on the price chart and RSI

Interstitial trendline ways quite simple, just connect top - top, bottom - bottom and follow the market, prices tend to follow trend turned when approaching the clearance created by Trendline. As the price just hit the trendline, drilling rush in orders, must wait appears reversal candle (candles Japan) to determine buying / selling weakness.

Step 2: Wait price trendline break

Trendline Breakout forward price observations should Breakout with candles really long break new trendline warrant reversing the dominant force

Step 3: Buy / Sell new trendJoin the new market trend, with the scenario illustrated above, after the breakout, WAIT THE PRICE RECOVERY near trendline will in order BUY, Stoploss point under the safest Trendline 

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Some analysts note that the trend with trend line

Note that trendline break as soon SIGNAL indicator, you should carefully test the trendline forward price after Breakout, avoid the rush jump into the market when just Breakout, this action may cause you to miss a good price more. Therefore, should patiently wait comfirm signal. Second, remember the tools MA, Stochastic and Bollinger band indicator is late, up to the divergence Divergence signals to identify early reversal signal.