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effective approach forex

Currently the situation World economy is in a difficult period, Investment channels such as Securities, Real Estate ... also is entering the really difficult stage. In that situation, the financial investors are looking for their first new investment channels: more efficient, more stable, LESS CAPITAL AND LIQUIDITY HIGHER.
And large investment needs in the financial market as the current, dotcomtech.net introduce investors to investment channels: COMMODITY MARKET AND FOREIGN CURRENCY through accounts. Despite being relatively new investment channel in Vietnam but in the world has long been an important investment channel 1 and indispensable for Investors Global Financial.
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Introduction to Forex

Domestic gold market has gained certain achievements, but to make one better investment environment, exchanges Gold - Forex International has developed the trading system through the gold and foreign currency accounts and transactions quickly through 24 with the following advantages:
  • Modern trading tools in the world today on the MetaTrader 4 software.
  • 2D basic transactions over 2 command and control shorting purchase.
  • Buy when the price is low and selling when the higher price.
  • Short selling: selling when prices are high and selling when the price is lower.

Outstanding features of the Gold Spot market transactions Gold - Forex International:

  1. Run and fluctuating market prices throughout the world, so investors do not have to fret about a situation of price pressure, as the price as the other domestic financial channels.
  2. Transactions through 24 from No. 2 to No. 6 weekly: easy and convenient for the investors did not have much time.
  3. Quickly matched: Time command, the command, the liquidation order on software in no time to 3s.
  4. Especially the 100% liquidity, customers may visit the  branch teller while only 5m is available immediately in the hands of cash, or bank transfer within 30 minutes maximum.
  5. Investors will get one staff seasoned consultants guide and support strategic research and investment strategy free 24/24. At the same time investors are consulting daily transactions via SMS messages free strategy.
  6. When investing in floor etoro.com or exness.com you Investors will be using the leverage of 1: 200
  7. And to support the Investor learn safest market, etoro.com also supports minimum transaction is 0.01 lots for each order transaction.



1. Learning from failure

When speaking of experience, investors only talk about the trials, failures, lessons learned and success. You will not be able to become a talented investor if ever make mistakes. Successful people never discouraged by their failure to understand that it is a stage in the process of becoming a professional investor. The average person considers a disastrous mistake, but successful people argue that there is an opportunity to learn new things.
After each Stoploss or losses, the investment is to analyze why this command fails, due to any cause? (The risk nature of course from the transaction principle - certainly can not expect 100% win, to accept certain losses must be, not a triumphant one transaction, Soros nor less time loss USD hundreds of elementary and investors withdraw capital from the Fund, but they are wrong because of Soros Fund then reached out for his growth capital management professional manner and always improve ourselves after every failure.
Do not be afraid if it was hit trading orders Stop loss, always strictly abide by the method of your Forex investment, not only lost a few great orders and how to analyze the market outdated, different from Forex commodity markets, not this season galaxy chocolate is favored products bought shares of companies that sell chocolate, money market movement disciplinarian supply and demand just about money, no seasonal factors interjected.

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2. References identified from reputable experts

If you look at the successful investor, you will see that they always have a team of professional advisers. Investors usually always fighting alone in the market, while professional investors always have a backing board. They have a network of friends that professional investors. They share advice and thoughts together. So if you also want to be successful like them, then start looking for your friend now.
Read news analysis market assessments from the bank or reputable organization, not under the advisory reports from members on the board, ask yourself learn how to read the economic news to objectively review trends ongoing review and compare them with the judgment of experts. Bottom line is to develop appropriate approach for your own forex.
Conclusion: One of the methods of play Forex effective as you have self-sufficient, not dependent on the assistance of other traders, self analyze and manage market trading orders. After each hit Stop Loss should not be discouraged, Take it as transaction costs or tuition more practical experience.
I wish you success!