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16 applications help you make money on Android ,IOS

dotcomtech- These applications are based on the implementation of the survey, click or watch TV shows so you accumulate small earnings. These applications are evaluated is reliable and can be downloaded for free.

1. Slidejoy: make money each time to unlock the screen

When setting Slidejoy, your phone will appear an ad on the lock screen. You can skip ads or read them. Every time you unlock the screen to get a donation.

Of course, the revenue is quite small, a user usually earn between 5-15 dollars per month.

Download: Android

2. Medium monetize and workout with Pact

Pact is an effective way to keep fit, lose weight and make money. Each week you will register some time practicing sports and the number of healthy meals. This app will keep track of your exercise activity with GPS, tracking the activity, the pedometer. You also have to take pictures of your meals on the application and can vote other people's meals in the application. If you comply with what commitment, you get $ 5 every week from people who do not keep their commitments. If you fail to comply with their commitments, you received $ 5. Approximately 92% of users have successfully track.

Download: iOS, Android

3. See the trailer and make money with App Trailers

Trailers App is an application that will pay you every time you see a 30-second trailer, or engage in some applications. The more you see the more you accumulate more points; these points will be converted into gift cards through PayPal or direct withdrawal.

Download: iOS, Android

4. Viggle pay you to watch TV and listen to music

Viggle want to know entertainment enthusiasts like to watch what and what kind of music. When you watch TV and listen to music, open the app Viggle to it and listen to you and identify the song or program you're watching. With each song and programs you watch or listen to, you earn points to exchange for gift cards, travel or electronics.

Download: iOS, Android, Windows

5. Inbox Dollars paid for each time you use the internet

You can use the Inbox application to participate in a survey Dollar, internet browser, or gaming in exchange for cash. Every time earned 30 USD, you can request payment and receive your check within 2 weeks. Dollar Inbox users paid $ 30 million and is willing to pay you 5 dollars for a time trial.

Download: iOS, Android

6. Answer the survey to receive by Surveys On The Go

Survey On The Go willing to pay you from $ 0.25 to $ 5 each time you answer a survey. Survey data from companies, political campaigns and the market research firm offer. The survey takes only a few minutes and your money will be paid via PayPal.

Download: iOS, Android

7. Change the old books get money through Bookscouter

How right you have old books no longer read to? Bookscouter will buy your old books at bargain prices. You can scan the barcode or enter the ISBN of the book on the application, Bookscounter will find the site selling the book, comparing price and pay you an amount worth

Once you choose a buyer, you can inform them about payment methods, through a third party to send books to buyers and they will pay the shipping costs.

Download: iOS, Android

8. TaskRabbit pay for your skills

The "Tasker" using Task Rabbit applications and websites to earn extra income from their skills well. After being accepted as a Tasker, you are allowed to choose the "pay" you will be paid for each hour worked, usually $ 30 / hour. The work on TaskRabbit including doing chores, doing woodwork, package, driver, guide dog for a walk, organize. Those needs will contact you via TaskRabbit.

Download: iOS, Android

9. Field Agent and Gigwalk pays for simple tasks

Field Agent and Gigwalk will pay for you to do simple tasks in the community. Some jobs include shop and photography to showroom product, check the product, answer the short survey. both applications are done through PayPal payment.

Download Field Agent: iOS

Download Gigwalk: iOS, Android

10. Become a mystery shopper by Mobee to earn points

Mobee implementing programs mystery shopper store system cooperate to assess and report on the experience shopping at this store. The shop partners will use the report to improve quality.

Within 24 hours after receiving the mission plays the mysterious purchases, you will be awarded points based on the quality of reporting. You can redeem this bonus points into cash or gift card or coupon to attend the event.

Download: iOS, Android

11. Working in exchange for cash from Rewardable and EasyShift

Rewardable registration will give you the job done in the period from 5 to 15 minutes and are willing to pay up to $ 20. These jobs include inventory and compare with the selling price at the store. You can get cash transfer via PayPal.

Download Rewardable: iOS, Android

Download EasyShift: iOS, Android

12. Make money from Ebates

Ebates shoppers help monetize 1,700 stores. When you shop at an online retail store, you just need to watch percent Ebates to donate the money to the company.

The app also allows you to use the coupons of stores and compare prices for every product you scanned. Ebates had paid $ 250 million for the users.

Download: iOS, Android

Accumulate 13 electronically by Swagbucks USD.

Users can participate in 9 different activities, including watching videos, surfing the Web, and enter the code to make Swagbuck swag - a virtual currency that can be converted into gift cards, discount cards and other types of lucky.

Download: iOS, Android

14. Deals with discounts Ibotta

Before you go shopping, explore section on Ibotta discounts by answering a simple question or posting content on social networks. Then came the shop in chain stores Ibotta, choose a product you get discounts. After the payment, click "redeem" on Ibotta and photographed to confirm your invoice for your purchase. When you have 10 USD or more in your account, you can withdraw this amount by PayPal or Venmo

Download apps: iOS, Android

15. Saving money from the grocery store thanks Snap by Groupon

Every week, Snap by Groupon offer coupons at the grocery store. Make Money on Snap quite simple. You come to the store, buy the necessary items, invoice imaging.

If you have 20 dollars in your account, you can withdraw cash. Sit where you have to go shopping again, you still receive 1 USD for referring a friend.

Download: iOS, Android

Receipt 16. Receiving money from whether shopping Hog anything, anywhere

Every time you take a picture with Receipt Hog invoice, you will receive a penny. The trend can be exchanged into cash (equivalent to 1.000 cents $ 5), you can use that money to pay via PayPal or converted into gift cards.

The more you sign many bills in this app, you more ways to make money, for example, to answer the survey.

Download: iOS, Android