10+Ways to make money online popularity

 top 10 best ways to make money online
Purchase sites
  • Purchase or create a new website, and then sold on Flippa.com.
  • Create a template for the website and advertise it on 20 Forum, you will sell 10 copies.
  • Buy website, applications for large companies
  • Support others to purchase, deploy your application as agents.
  • Buying and selling domain names and can refer sedo.com.
  • View sale websites on the trading floor, mimicking their ideas.
Ownership Website:
  • Construction sites to place links, products, make money with PPC advertising (Pay Per Click).
  • Make a forum about the issues you love, then to place ads.
  • Make a forum about the issues you love, then selling the membership package VIP, Premium.
  • Construction site review of products, services and hyperlink affiliate commission.
  • Create Google Adsense advertising network, you can earn $ 2 / day with a website.
Email List: List Email
  • Create weekly topical news, hot topics, emailed, collecting small fee participants receive news.
  • Create weekly topical news, hot topics, emailed, along with your ad.
  • Send the information report, the accompanying monthly affiliate link.
  • Creating news in your area that can receive funding from local businesses.
  • Create a mailing list, send promotional, promotional codes. Toll companies want to advertise their promotions to consumers.
Advertising: Advertising
  • Advertising agency, eating% difference.
  • Buy PPC ads from ad networks cheap, then find a way to put another ad in a higher value (Adsense).
  • Buy traffic from Adwords, to go directly to your affiliate link.
  • Building system provides traffic.
  • Become SEO professionals help clients increase the ranking on the search engines.
  • Construction site to find people, find work and membership fees to join.
Social Media: Social Networking
  • Construction of Facebook as Farmville or Mafia Wars Application.
  • Creating an application that interacts with Twitter.
  • Construction profiles Twitter, Facebook fanpage then resold to others.
  • Join an MLM company, take advantage of the above steps have to market the product (not recommended in Vietnam)
Coding: Programming
  • Become a web designer, joined the contest in 99Designs.com.
  • Designer and developer Become working on odesk.com, freelancer.com.
  • If you are highly qualified and experienced, can get the high-value contract, $ 100/1 hour worked.
  • Business-related factors such as website banners, logos, advertisements ...
  • Premium WordPress Theme Design a then sell them.
  • Create Free WordPress Theme then sell links in the footer.
  • Website template design and sell.
  • Rent the coder India, the Philippines made with cheap website, you can modify and sell them at much higher prices.
  • Writing exchange sites, providing software, games and sell.
E-Commerce: Electronic Commerce
  • Buy local products for sale on eBay.
  • Find old appliances, which can be sold on eBay.
  • Help someone you selling on eBay for free.
  • Making an online sales website, selling products you do by hand.
  • Making an attractive website direct sales, sales of portable products.
Mobile: Mobile
  • Learn to Mobile Site, then provide additional features for your website.
  • Write iPhone or Android app, can hire someone else to write then sell.
  • Creating Simple iPhone app for a particular group of users, for example real estate.
  • Create a simple package of games based on web and sell copies to the web site owners want to display the games on their site.
  • Creating an online game, the free play a part, want to continue or enhance the required fee.
  • Creatin iPhone and Android versions of the game on.
  • Construction MMORPG game and a monthly fee.
Creative Talent: Creative
  • Creating and selling online photo albums.
  • Drawing and painting sold on eBay.
  • Developing a Youtube channel and sell ads in your videos.
  • Graphics, photography and sell in the stock photo sites, charging each downloads.
Blogging / Writing:
  • Write articles for other sites, priced from $ 10 - $ 20 / post.
  • EBook writing and selling online.
  • Building 1 blog, writing about issues you like and sell advertising.
  • Construction site content provider, membership fees when they want to participate in premium content areas.
  • Creating quality blog site, sell it to other companies in the industry.
  • Gather tips, advice ... .in a certain field and as an eBook repackage and sell.
  • Blog review sites and other services free of charge. After this they will pay to have your good review for them.
  • Construction site news gathering.
  • Post threads in the forum, you will đc pay 0, $ xx per article.
  • Create a group blog, for others to post on your blog to grow stronger.
Time wasters: Enlist free time
  • Doing the survey surveys.
  • Registration surf the premium site.
  • Customer Support Online services.
  • Join the Online Competition.
  • Submit the website to the directories receive.
  • Get Bookmark website to social networks.
Some ways not to comply:
  • Place the frame in the website links to make money. Google will be banned you.
  • General purchase online mail list to enclose the affiliate link, this way flog, low efficiency.
  • Thesis, graduation thesis rent. You also need sleep, right?
  • Making gambling sites, related to gambling.
  • Website Members introduce multi-level format.
Other ways:
  • Create a community-minded group, the opportunity to contribute online and membership fees.
  • Trade, stocks, forex online (Forex).
  • Install applications, software, on-demand system.
  • Making hosting provider, reseller and purchase the package resell at a higher price.
  • Find the big sites but are experiencing financial difficulties to invest and acquire a 50% stake.
Namecheap If I have forgotten or overlooked some way, please get additional ideas from you. By making money online is very diverse and rich, many opportunities are waiting to close people
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