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Why use Stoploss trading in Gold - Forex

Step into the world of Forex trading , many new Trader find many tactics to make a profit, methods, tips surfing or transactions under the news, reality Trader bypass many security tools, protect accounts from being "burnt" STOPLOSS. This topic explains why to use Stoploss or determined stop loss point for each transaction

1. Stoploss be? Stoploss as automatic stop loss for each transaction is placed on metatarder4 software , this tool is automatically cut losses when the market goes against trend expectations, this way you limit the risk of losing Money, persistent negative account. For instance with the market situation in the first illustration post, if you expect the market sideways Sideway and buy into the bottom (level of support was created in the past) and do not put Stoploss contest now would of course very worried because the market fell hard, serious negative account. Myself as a shy newcomer to the market place Stoploss fear shaking, scanning is complete laaij Stoploss track trends, then lost money unfairly. However, over time, your skills determine effective stop loss point, no psychological fear and feel confident before every transaction decisions
2. Use Stoploss like? When analyzing the market to find trading strategies, need to actively seek additional exit points & points., plus proportion Word: Loss reasonable opportunity has a higher winning percentage ,, at least 1: 1, the considerations involved, is not out of the market waiting for another chance, safer. Remember the principle of capital management, not risk their capital on the fluctuations in the market, remember the money loaded into certain account n is real money. Historically, most of the warriors Forex by not using Stoploss death.
 3. Experience Stoploss effective set Add caption
Wait reversal candle appeared in the support / resistance levels and then put leejnhj Stoploss if Dag market volatility during the period, the higher the amplitude Stoploss, analyzed on a 30-minute chart is about 20 pips lower Stoploss Bottom reversal should be reasonable. 4H chart also uses the Stoploss further. In my experience, should avoid participating in passing moment because very vulnerable Sideway Stoploss hit above image observation, this is buying opportunity BUY, Stoploss orders should be placed at the red line, and profit targets in the Green Line positive.