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What is Forex? Basic knowledge about the Forex you need to know

Hi Traders, New understanding of the Forex market you must have many questions concerning, search on Google is having too much information, the mountain of data increasingly confused about where to start, each find Understanding Forex market through the book "Forex Trading Manual" and mostly learn by doing, this time near 1-year study to understand the concept and how to understand the market. This theme will introduce the Forex market so you have a quick overview of how it works and the specific market is how Forex trading.

Why Forex?

Used with the transaction probably the most accurate, investors should not call for more than 95% due to the very short surfing Trader, in order to quickly and escape, even just within ... 1 minute. The format called Scalper Trader, the lesson after KienthucForex will present more detailed Trader styles today. The purpose of Forex trading course PROFIT (interest) This is simply a financial investment channels similar stock or physical gold, only in the form of transaction.

What is Forex?

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange: Currency exchange means. This is the largest financial market in the world, the daily trading volume reached more than 5.000 trillion dollars, far in 2013 could reach USD 6.000 billion. Compared to the stock market, the Forex has a much larger scale, so Forex has extremely high liquidity, or key can enter commands immediately, unlike securities transactions limited time and not always be matched.

These objects trading on the Forex market?

Forex is a huge financial market, there are many financial institutions, commercial banks, central banks and large companies frequently trade.
 Domestic banks are also active TM FX transactions to balance by the balance of payments. Many people think that, if the transaction must have the goods, so the Forex market commodity is what? Explain to understand, commodity is the exchange rate pairs, for example: EUR / USD (euro "play" with the dollar) 
When to buy the pair EUR / USD? Very simple, like a game Forex bet on the contest between the two rivals was EUR vs USD, If you buy EUR / USD, we are starting to predict euro EUR will raise prices, a stronger dollar. After a while, as expected, the profit is about buying foreign exchange and rates at profit.
 When newly formed, then only the new extended opportunities and financial strength to 'play' Forex , and now Forex is a level playing field for all subjects (> = 18 years), invested FX currently very modest, only from $ 250 Trading Conditions Gold - Forex very convenient, the trading operation on the trading platform called Metatrader4 (called MT4) trading volume is very small, each one equivalent to 0.1 pip dollar fluctuated, in the 90s, specifically Soros has spent more than $ 5 billion to sell controlled GBP (£), called SELL GBP / USD and $ 1 billion profit after just one night, now do not need such a large capital, with a trading plan consistently steady profits brought 20 % / capital / month, after 4 years with a capital of $ 1000 you can become a millionaire dollars :)

Forex Trading Examples

On the Internet there are a lot of translations from foreign sites, ensuring you still do not know just read last trading on the Forex market for profit is. Come KienthucForex will provide specific guidance on how to trade FX through a specific problem.
 For example: Currently GBP / USD is at 1.5090 price after market analysts (analyzing how the following topics will only clear) we identify trends DOWN. Means that the dollar will receive valuable than sterling, so decided to order Sell (Sell). I SELL orders on MT4 software (Donn manipulate very simple)  
Then a few hours, the market fluctuates as expected, prices fall to 1.5060, then we write is:
 5090-5060 = 30 pips
 If transactions 1 lot is $ 10 per pip => Word of $ 300.
 In case the unexpected, the price rose to a 30 pip loss $ 300.  Note:  
After placing the order Buy (Sell), the command will be displayed in the account management area on MT4 software preinstalled 
Without automatic mode command key, the trading orders are "floating" and number the profit / loss is still on paper, just as the command key, the new accounting system on the account balance, if any word is added to the remaining Balance will be deducted directly opposite on balance balance.
 Topic introduction Forex market to conclude here, talking too much mess you left, residents slowly learn, do not cram, after this article the author recommends the MT4 Trader should download software to your computer, install and then open Demo demo account to practice trading, this time you only need to understand the numbers when the transaction is fine, do not worry about how to analyze, the following topics will show more clearly.  
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