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Virual trading account on demo

Brokerage FOREX field is Affiliate "advanced" You know rudimentary or did not know about the field of FOREX but wanted to become a professional IB so to start!? Not War What contentious of all, to start becoming a pro Trader.Su IB destiny is to bring profit to the investor (Client) .For this, an IB can not accept only introduce "products" like these Retail staff at the supermarket
Go straight to the problem alone, I have designed training programs to the Trader superfast (Only the Trader severance amateur =. =) Then you can delve, accumulate experience for minh.Den own one day be able to read the meaning of Mr.Market they can "down the mountain". DEMO account is an "initiative" is very significant in the field of meaning chinh.No positive and negative.
+ Benefits:
environmental _Mang "exercises" free for Newbie
_Su use all tools and trading conditions identical to real accounts
+ dark point:
Newbie underlays can make myself forget or Play.Vi trade transactions on virtual money should be easy to make the Newbie takes discipline. Do not focus on skills training but lang.Khong Trade discharge should say everyone knows what the consequences when they recharge so on!


Then proceed to install trading software on the machine, very simple, just click choose " Next ". Run the program, and you click on the " File ", select" Open an account "as illustrated below: Note:

Do not choose Deposit amount is too large, it will make you lose control soat. old when I first entered the new field nay.I thought this was inexhaustible gold mine, while the market goes up must come down, so keep Order of comfort. When the key word.
It is one of the most stupid thinking that almost always suffer Newbie. You should be aware that we are using quite large leveraged 200: 1. If you do not know how to control the funds could not regret it. Once lost, they must earn 50% of the entire 100% of new capital So, put principle "PRESERVE CAPITAL" do first.
Notes on the financial leverage (Leverage) applied in exchanges exness.com or www.avatrade.com
According to my own experience, for Mini and Standard accounts should choose the lever = 200: 1. Of course, we must follow the principle of reasonable Stoploss to not fall into the state "crowded press" when coming to a point called capital (margin level <100%, the automatic processing system commands are the most negative!)

Artwork after launch MT4 Trading Platform.
Platform out a request to enter information table creating demo account, you just fill out a virtual, similar to illustration: After Click the "Next" The system will automatically save the account information virtual (Demo) so the next time do not need to sign in. NOTE: The monetary unit of Gold as XAUUSD. To display the XAUUSD, you right click on the yellow sheet exchange rate, select the "Show All" >> Scroll down to the bottom of the table will see the pair exchange rate XAUUSD + For XAUUSD, volume minimum of 0.1 lot Mini (Equivalent 1 volume)

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