USA Traffic Is The Increase Your Blog Have Helps Increase Revenue Adsense?


Indeed he had neglected for quite some time with Google Adsense in part because of busy work, partly because prices fell dramatically in click lately.
Advertisers and sponsors have austerity in spending in all forms which cut advertising costs to a maximum of one to do. That was one of many reasons why the high price of ads increasingly scarce. The corollary of this is reflected in the income of the publisher always dropped in recent months.
The decline surely you have seen clearly by click and impression volume may still increase, but the income is not equal to the previous month. Many are paying the price click too "fat" usually from $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 when is not pay a penny. The clicks are valued at $ 0.5 - $ 5 rarely appear in the statistics table income of many bloggers. This you can clearly see the participation of local and international forums.
Many suggested that the reason the blog income is diminished due to their visitor traffic as well as originate from countries or retardation. Advertisers do not bid high for countries like Vietnam,Nepal,Philippines by conversion rate from these countries is not high and is often zero. However, the country is considered the hottest like USA, Canada and Japan also fell into gloomy tragedy. Usually the click from these countries is always high and always towards bloggers to increase their income. But since the US economy into recession, the traffic from here also no longer be considered "paradise $$$" anymore.
In fact, the bloggers were reduced from 30-75% of income compared to the same period last year despite reduced traffic volume and click no and are derived from the USA, Canada, Japan or from Britain .... This can only be explained that the amount of click and impression not many decisions to maintain and increase the income of the blogger but mostly because of the price bid per click advertisers are no longer "generous" as before the recession.
Blogviet joined to make money online for a long time, so the loss of income is always a foremost concern. However, after aware of the economic downturn may adversely affect your adsense income should have turned to the new strategy is to write review for products and services. This has helped improve their English writing skills and to help stabilize income.

However, what also has two sides of it. If you track the paid review article about it to make clear. Earn money from blogging or from review are stable and when the increase depends on the ranking of PR blog that does not depend on click or impression, but in exchange for "reward" that your blog receives as punishment "suspended" indefinitely Google. I had a few drops Pagerank blog from 5,4,3 beaten back N / A or 0 without knowing why. Why so it would share in a DIFFERENT.
Recently, I had intended to come back and invest for adsense in hopes of "saving" a little. However, immediately after the reset adsense in 5/2015 with principal amount of traffic from the USA, it is not much more positive as you see in the image below.
His blog with high traffic volume and quality not click well with adsense revenue at not high. However, with the amount of click like on the previous year, the earnings are usually double or three rather than as at present.
The click is still rare high value and are no longer surprised to see the click value $ 5-15 , but the whole is 0.5 - 1.5 $ but rough
Because of this dotcomtech.net draw yourself a lesson is not just traffic from the USA will ensure higher income for your blog. Knowing that it is still higher than in other countries and we should have contingency plans for himself.
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