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Trading Tactic Horizontal channel - high BUY and TP coal high .

Besides transaction method Buy Low - High Profit taking also 1 school is willing to buy high price, knowing the market will increase. Observe the chart below rude, difficult to spot trading opportunities!

Chart aerial support finding trends and unknown to the command point. Thereby more guys just rectangle horizontal channels mentioned in previous Breakout trade tactics

When price breaks the horizontal channel, if it had SELL SELL low prices but said the market fell sharply and TP prepared Low and faster. When this phenomenon occurs Breakout run very fast market price. Trade with modeling method is quite simple, our first and wait Recktangle channel interstitial volatile, really break up the channel when the bar closed below the support. In this case, stop loss placed above Stoploss blue line around 20 pips and profit targets in the green zone.

Results: The model is finished and the main equipment for Profit Target


To draw a line visually, using tools available in the software Draw MT4