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Tactical trade forex A News

Apply terrible news!
Terrible message includes the following categories: Monetary policy, interest rates, employment, or more important news was declared at one point.
US News is the worst, with maximum pulsation, so the application can vary according to the characteristics of each country.
Option 1 hit after news: -After terrible news, the market ran out sharply toward content was declared private. There are usually shaken up and down but towards mainstream and continue for several dozen minutes after the news almost absolute proportion of the information is directed.
--The So as soon as the price goes towards private, in order as soon as we will see it back a bit. Now open 2 M1 M5 chart to monitor for convenience. Review the available commands opening and mind set gap to easily hit 5pips minimum order. When a word is the last animal can learn quickly and in the 2nd 3rd .... towards private. Ie if the latch buy high points then buy back at a lower point. Absolutely not catch the bottom tip in the opposite direction for the price though relatively long run.
-This Is the safest way, but was hit after news that, after the price shot and then eat less pips. But in return we can hit with higher margin slightly, because the direction was determined. Yet when the command should complete range of 40-60 pips SL contingency precaution though I have not seen it run backwards even believe 100pips opposite direction.

-When Prices run contrary to the contents disclosed, this is a great opportunity, we hit towards believe will benefit many. I have met several times in the US believe, believe they see the first time Japanese.
Method 2 hit the news reach 1-2 minutes: CUT of currencies AUD, NZD, CAD, GBP characterized as "meek" than believe the USD, JPY. Ie less price shock up and down before the message out, while 1 -2 minutes delayed believe that often run in the same direction with the message content will be announced shortly thereafter. Even before there running up and down to some extent, but often not the strongest shock.
-If The news has shocked the price up and down as I have met with strong euro should not use this method 2, which should be used after a 1 is rated disclosed.
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--The So we have open orders at 1-2 minutes and saw it running toward what hit me in that direction. This way the risk over a 1 because I have met 3 times by running backwards. So this small hit against the target, leaving the margin back to judge the direction of the message after message to return, well fall is still the word.
3 ordered way (pending): bid to the Convention should not wait for orders of USD, JPY, EURO! Because wool prices down or shock. Of course there are still placing orders on the TP SL short but not very effective in my opinion.
For example the US is about to announce terrible news, E / U is 1.2300 at the same time we can put 1.2320 SL 1.2290 2 Buystop command TP 1.2310 SL 1.2350 TP 1.2280 and 1.2250 Sellstop. 2 commands when placing price controls jerked hard to handle for much when prices jerked should be avoided. Which can only put one head only, or Sellstop Buytop put towards which we anticipated.
-But With AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP, 2 first place pending orders usually effective. Pening command top pick 2 with distance apart how it justified? In fact I draw the following conclusion: the shorter the time when orders are waiting until they believe the shorter the distance the more narrow.

-Because Example also 4-7 minutes out, I believe the second set 25-40 pips apart orders filed soon soaring prices. But when he was 1-3 minutes but not soaring prices, I moved to 15-30 pips only. Short bookings are not required but should put SL TP or TP lane. If the worst case I hit the second command only when sound 15-30pips and believe that I still consider to be in the direction of the new command message by typing or cut 1 command believed the opposite direction.
-We Can still place orders pending for one side alone. Eg CAD only just 1:00, they did not do anything to lower interest rates at this time. That assessment remains Buy with CAD were before the price running.
Mark according to need most is terribly quick and calm, it is best to exercise before using demo or blurry command possible.
This week so far has 4 very strong message, the message rate AUD, CAD, NZD and US employment news.
Which CAD, NZD too favorable. AUD was hit both ends if the two sides set. My message today is not running, but selling dollars after the news still have little interest.
Today I photographed employment history NZD trader of interest rate information to illustrate, to exchange with you, especially the new you can step into the unknown. Reportedly also beaten but if the specific share will quickly know rather than to learn.
We hope to receive more feedback from contacts
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