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Select Gold Exchange - Forex reputation

Before starting the actual transaction, your first job is to set up one account with exchanges through brokers. So how is the trading platform? Said one understandably this is one company / organization helps you place purchase orders with the market. They will benefit from account setup fee and transaction fee.
You will be confused by a lot of companies operating online transactions solicitation. So to decide to "choose to send in gold" for your funds, you should spend some time and effort to learn about these companies, and so you will be more accurate assessment of the advantages and services they support you.
1. The provisions of the Forex trading platform
When looking for a suitable floor, you should look for companies that have been registered. Forex basically free market activities. However, in the US and in major financial centers around the world, the exchanges must be registered Futures Commission as a Merchant (FCM) Commodity Futures Trading organization Commission (CFTC) and a member of the NFA.
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission –
CFTC and NFA's activities aim to ensure that the transaction to avoid any fraudulent activities, tricks, and other acts of deception.
You can check your transaction company registered CFTC and member of NFA not by examining company information on NFA's website
In Europe, you need to check the trading floors of financial institutions have FSA. This is a financial institution of the British Government has powers and duties similar to NFA in the US.
We advise you to choose the company registered and operating and there are legitimate consulting deals. Always say no to the company is not a member of the NFA and FSA.
2. Customer Service

Forex market is 24/24, and need support 24/24! You can contact the company's activities transactions by phone, email, chat, or not? They have enough knowledge to answer your questions? Quality of service will vary exchanges, but you have to learn them and the support of Chun before deciding to open an account.
Financial Services Authority –
A little tip for you : Choose a few email exchanges and require support, you see how long they answer to you and their level of enthusiasm. If you feel not have to wait long and happy with your answers, you can trust to work with exchanges. But it should be noted, it is important that the support of the floor when you start the transaction rather than before the transaction.
3. Trading Software:

Most, but not all exchanges are supporting your online trading software effectively. The foundation of trading software that helps you place buy and sell orders are easiest. So a good software is very important. You should pay attention to the software easy to use and most convenient for you, so try to advance through virtual account for 1 couple of floors to choose the most pleasant.
Pay attention to the display mode of the software. It must support the observation method you rate fluctuations, rapid updates and support information management for you, allowing you to control the profits / losses, the fund signed and alarms when you come near the closure of accounts.
Most of the floors are active online, on Java software or special software installed on your computer to help you. Some software also supports personalized help you select the best display mode. Besides the easy download will help you trade on anywhere can connect to the Internet.
Software installation will help you personalize, and the ability to update information more quickly, more efficiently, but you must install on your personal computer to store information. The Java software could help you play online online.
Again, you have to choose the software that is most convenient and consistent with their current job.
4. High-speed Internet connection
active Forex market constantly and changes every second, so you need to update the data constantly to make timely decisions. So make sure you have high-speed Internet connection and without interruption. If not, you may have a problem with the transaction. Dial-up connection is not efficient, and you have to invest for a good computer with high-speed Internet connection if you want to play in this market.
5. Support Account Mini
Most of the floors are supported smaller mini accounts $ 500. This is the best way to start and test your skills and your qualifications to be familiar with Forex.

6. The services of exchanges

Before choosing flooring, you have to consider carefully the following factors:
The type of currency pairs : You need at least 7 major currency pairs following categories: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, and USD Transaction Fee : Transaction fees are calculated according to Pip. The lower transaction fees, the more you have a chance to earn more profit. Should compare pip point between the floor together, normally the trading floor from 3-5 pips, varies currency pair.
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Funds signed levels : Level 1 lot Funds signed for the lower (or enable the higher rate), the better the chances committee reached huge profits and of course the greater risk. Rebound ratio usually is 1: 100 equivalent to 1% Funds signed and more. The higher this ratio, the lower the level of funds to sign it would be good if you have the transaction level and good level of risk management.