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How should I choose what kind of forex broker floor?

That is entirely up to you, a forex broker floor of this kind is not better a forex floor Others because all will depend on the style, delivery strategy your care. It depends on how you will determine whether you like the floor had spread forex brokers buy and sell (spread) but pay low commissions on each transaction over the floor or you prefer forex brokers have spreads, broader sell but do not pay commission on the transaction.
Typically, day traders (traders trading days) and the floor scalpers prefer forex brokers have low spreads which because it easily than to earn small profits.
Meanwhile, wider spreads which are suitable to carry out transactions for a long time.
To help you in the decision easier, here is a table Statistical summary of some of the main differences between a floor broker: Market Makers, STP brokers, ECN brokers and STP +:

Dealing Desk(Marker maker)
No Dealing desk (STP)
No Dealing Desk (STP+ECN)
Fixed Spread
Most have no fixed spread
Spreads change or charge commission on each transaction
opposite transactions with customers
just a bridge between customers and liquidity providers
 rates from liquidity providers and other ECN members
Artificial price
rates from liquidity providers
 automated trading and no re- quote
transactions being processed by the Exchange on the basis of discretionary
automatically matched up without re- quote
 automatically matched up without re- quote

The forex broker floor is not bad ... Well, mostly not ...
Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, forex brokers really do not hurt you. They want to cooperate with your work and do not want you to run out of work! Think about it, if you take all the money in the transaction, they'll lose customers.
Customers of the ideal Dealing Desk trading platform is the breakeven trading. In other words, the customer does not win nor lose much or more, but near breakeven point BEP (Break Even Point - the breakeven point).
By doing so, the floor broker forex trading can make money on the customer transactions, but at the same time, the customer remains in the game by not doing their accounts evaporate. In essence, the floor broker forex trading wants their customers keep coming back and more deals! * The important thing to consider when choosing Forex trading platform * retail forex market has the Competition is fierce, but just think about choosing a forex trading platform in the forex broker platforms available on the market was enough to make you headaches. Choosing a floor broker forex trading to open financial transactions is crucial, especially if you do not know what you should be looking for. In this section, we will discuss some of the important criteria in choosing a trading platform forex, from which you can set out specific criteria in selecting a forex trading platform.
1. Security
Criterion first and most important need in a broker that is to have the security and high reliability. You can not assign thousands of dollars to a company or someone simply declare that they are legal, right? That's what they say, does not mean that we should believe them unless we know exactly what they are claiming.
Fortunately for checking the reliability of a broker is not difficult to infer. Have the authorities of individual forex broker in the world that we can believe in.
Here is a list of the agencies managing the forex brokerage firms corresponding to the following countries:
  • United States: National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
  • United Kingdom: Financial Services Authority (FSA).
  • Australia: Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
  • Switzerland: Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC).
  • Germany: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ( BaFIN ).
  • France: Financial Markets Authority ( AMF ).
Before thinking of a bond at any one particular forex broker, make sure they are a member of one of the authorities of the countries mentioned above.

2. Transaction Cost
No matter whether you're the type of traders, whether wanted or not, you always have to pay the transaction costs.
With each transaction, you will have to pay charges incurred as buy-sell spread or commission charges, so, finding the gap buy - sell low and affordable or cheapest is natural. Sometimes, you'll have to sacrifice these criteria to be able to trade in one of the reliable trading platform, of course, the cheaper is the O - is not it
Make sure you know if you need the difference buy - sell low are consistent with your trading strategy and then review the options available. It's all about finding the right balance between low-level differences in trading and the safety and reliability.

3. Deposit and Withdrawal
A good forex trading platform will allow you to load and withdraw money simply too complex or not. The forex trading platform is really no reason to make it difficult for you to load or withdraw money because the only reason for them to hold your deposit is to create favorable conditions for the transaction .
The forex trading platform just keeping your money to make transactions easier, so there is no excuse for you to spend so much time and effort in the recovery of profits that you've earned. Your forex trading platform should ensure that the process of loading and withdrawal is carried out quickly and smoothly. 4. 4.Trading Platform In online forex trading, most transactions are made ​​through trading platforms (trading software) of brokers. This means trading platform forex trading platform that you choose should be easy to use, friendly and stable performance. When selecting a forex trading platform, always check carefully what platform Their deals may offer you. Does it provide the information for free? It's easy to use, the tools, the utilities? The chart drawing tool easy to use? It shows you all the information you need in a reasonable manner for the transaction.

It is imperative that your forex trading platform will perform the matching for your orders at the best possible price.
In normal market conditions (normal liquidity, no economic news was announced, no unexpected events, etc, ...) really is no excuse for your forex trading platform does not perform your orders at a price equal to or very very close to the price that you see in the quote at the time you place your trade orders.
For example, suppose you have a stable internet connection, if you click "Buy" EUR / USD at the exchange rate 1.3000, your trading orders should be made ​​at such price or within bias ... microphone pip size. The speed at which your order is done is very important, especially if you are a Scalper.
Some pip deviation from the price may make you become much more difficult to win victory in the transaction.

6. Customer Service
Without any forex trading platform is perfect, so you should choose trading platform which can easily contact when problems arise.
The capacity of exchanges While working forex accounts or technical support issues as important as their performance in the implementation of the transaction. Some forex trading platform can be very enthusiastic and attentive during the account opening but with the "after sales service" very terrible. 
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