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Forex Currency Trading

In the forex market , your job is foreign currency trading. The work is made ​​very simple and convenient than trading securities; and if you have experience in the stock, the better it easier to learn this market.
The goal of Forex trading is to exchange one currency with one other currencies with desired exchange rate between this currency pair will change and the value of the currency you sold will be priced than at buying in.
A concrete example: You buy EUR and expected profit

You purchase 10,000 euros at the exchange rate eur / usd = 1.18
2 weeks after you sell euros in exchange rates usd to eur / usd 1.25
Your trading profit $ 700

An exchange rate is the exchange rate between one currency when compared with other currencies. One example, USD / CHF shows how many new US $ 1 buy Swiss franc, or vice versa.
In Forex, currencies are always stand as one pair. The reason is that in every transaction you have to sell one currency and buy another currency immediately. Here is an example between GBP and USD:
GBP/USD = 1.7500
With the exchange rate, you must pay 1.75 USD to buy 1 pound.
First you have to define you want to buy or sell.
If you want to buy one currency (which actually means buy one currency and sell the quote currency), you will wish to buy their currency values ​​will rise and then you sell them the difference. Or in transaction terms would be "long position" or "long position". In Forex terminology: "long = buy"
If you want to sell ( you sell the base currency and buy the quote currency), you want the base currency will depreciate you sell and then buy it back at you to eat the difference. It is also called the position to sell or "short position". In Forex terminology "short = sell"
All currency pairs are 2-way rate, bid = bid and ask price = price. The bid is always lower than the ask price. Bid price is the price at which the market wants to buy the base currency in the pair. This is the rate that you want to sell to the market.
The ask is the price at which the dealer will sell the base currency in the currency pair. This is the price at which you buy from the market .
The spread between the bid and ask price is called the Spread
I can not afford to buy $ 10,000 EUR. I can trade it?
You can instead! Funds signed with initial amount you can trade thanks to a loan from the bank. So you can open one account $ 10,000 or $ 100,000 just for signing funds $ 100 or $ 1,000.
Funds signed amount corresponding to the number of lots will be tradable. Now, you only need to focus on the term "lot" is the smallest amount that you can purchase. When in the supermarket to buy eggs you can not buy one fruit that must buy 1 dozen eggs aka 12 1 "lot" eggs. In Forex, it is impossible to sell the currency bought with only 1 or 2 USD, you have to trade 1 lot common with 10,000 or $ 100,000 depending on the type of account you choose.

For example of
You tn that GBP rose on signs of the market against the dollar. You place orders to buy 1 lot ($ 100,000) with 1% security deposits are $ 1,000 and wait for rate hikes. This means you can control the amount of currency 1 100 000 USD or the equivalent value £ Funds signed with only $ 1,000. Accurate your predictions and you decide to close the command at 1.05050 price. You earned a profit of 50 pips or $ 500 (1 pip is the smallest of money 1 point). And with an investment of $ 1,000, you have created the profit rate of 50%. Your profit is $ 500 on a $ 1,000 investment capital, awesome right?

Your actions
Your money
You buy £ 100,000 at the exchange rate GBP / USD = 1.5000
You rest for a few minutes and then at GBP / USD rose to 1.5050- you close the command
you can profit $ 500

When you decide to close the command, the deposit that you have set will be returned to your account and add the profits gained or losses minus you lose. The profit or loss will be charged to your account.
Interest rate
Rollover unlike in the market otherwise. The trader will pay or receive daily interest if the transaction over time 5pm EST. If you do not want to be / or pay interest for your transactions, you just close orders before 5pm EST, this is the end of the day.
Every time currency trading, you would borrow money to buy a another currency, so the interest rate is required. The interest rate you will be charged for borrowing money to trade, and also earned an interest rate from the currency you buy. If the currency is purchased in the transaction have a higher interest rate your loan type, you will earn a profit - and the transaction will be beneficial to you if you are to pass the day. This is also a notable factor.
Want to know the interest rate for each currency? This is the day 11-07-2006 update:
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Account transactions "Fantasy"
You can open one demo account for free. This account has a function not unlike a real account with full graphs, tools, and data analysis with real, true interoperability. However this is not the purpose account business because it helps you learn and get experience from real floor you have the confidence to step into the real floor. This account will test levels and reduce risk when the actual floor.
You must DEMO for at least 2 months before you think of putting their money into real transactions. Well, you have to DEMO for at least 2 months before you think of putting money into the transaction proving true.
And you pledged "maximum risk reduction"
So, would you please tell myself that "I will try to play two months before the start of play true"
And you are always sure that "I am smart and I'm a careful player"