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Forex - The basics need to know

Specific examples of the concept on the Forex market leverage (Leverage)

Forex truong thi - thi truong vang - spot gold market - forex market
Example: At the moment the exchange rate is 1.2990 EURUSD
1 lot have a mass equivalent to 100,000 EURUSD
Literally understand you decide 1000.000 BUY EURUSD => 100,000 * 1.2990 = $ 129,900, to € 100,000 to $ 129,900 you pay, this is too large amounts, however, thanks to the leverage of 100: 1, you just spend only 1% margin, meaning that $ 1,290 just have to be able to "temporary possession" EURUSD 100,000. Now there are many exchanges allow leverage up to 500: 1 (Just 258 USD)
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Forex market works where?

Forex trading market is popular on many international exchanges, markets in Asia with Japan Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and the Australia, Europe, America, .... Through the Internet, investors (called Trader, traders) can trade Monday 24/24 from the 6th to the end of trading technology Degree online, simply and Internet trading software connection with the exchange, the trader can proactively manage accounts and perform transactions anytime, anywhere, conveniently and safely.
One of the advantages of the Forex market is now the financial leverage , investors may choose to leverage of 200: 1 ( recommends using Leverage at this, do not choose the flooring offer high leverage because when you can not fluctuated command key and the floor may risk facing huge loss of liquidity should or use tricks or bankruptcy fraud) trading market Gold - Forex Spot can buy / Sale 2-way and not just be buying or short-selling restriction applicable to the domestic stock market.

The advantages of the forex market

  • 1. Not through intermediaries : Investors update rate immediately transmit on mt4 trading software, customers place orders traded on the software, without the need for facilities or transportation hub Translation for trading.
  • 2. Unlimited volume : Depending on the capital account balance in which you can trade large volumes, for 1 lot Spot gold 100 gold equivalent amount. In addition, the company also offers packages Forex mini account, helping Trader habituate to feel real money transactions with small volume, low profit and loss, mainly to practice the methods of analysis market
  • 3. Trading Market 24/24 : The Forex market never sleeps. The market never sleeps, except for 2 days 7 and Sunday  closed, you can trade across from 2nd to  6. Due to time should trade more creative tactics Trader surfing Scalping and receivables significant advantage in the market gradually. 4. No one is manipulating the market.
    No one can affect the trend thanks to its trading volume, including large investment funds like SPDR Gold Trust gold, only trends and herd mentality creating new waves in the market, such information on the fund's gold buying will encourage many Trader actions follow, so many people have the same "thought" and trading under one user, the new market movement.
  • 4.Tinh into high account : Set command and quickly matched after only less than 1 second, as the Forex market so large that each of you will have a command Trader certain symmetry world trade or exchanges (home female) trade opposite. Software available MetaTrader4 trading profit function, automatic stop loss or sliding Stoploss follow trend to increase profits
Conclusion: Forex trading market is the investment opportunity - highly profitable business for investors, through which we need to have all the knowledge and skills to make a profit trading on the movement of foreign exchange rates. In later lessons will introduce the basic knowledge in the field of FX, you need to understand these concepts, then adjusting to professional analytical skills as FA and TA, try not to rush the transaction immediately, knowledge is power.