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Experience successfully signed up for Google Adsense

 Experience successfully signed up for Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense status  was pretty much more lenient in approving users  But still pretty much you get stuck in the registration process, denied so many times but did not know where the problem lies. In his blog, it is very often receive questions related to this issue, then this means you want to share with everyone on his blog always so inexpensive, you wait.
Previously, I also synthesize some form rejection letter from Google Adsense , and the end of his article also says that he is facing the problem " Site not adhere to Google's policy "and seeking to remedy. This article I will share my personal experience after so many failed to register a dozen times. All are based on their own experience, so I'm not sure it's totally not true, but hopefully it will help get everyone in the successful registration Google Adsense, especially those you need for blogging monetization . I'll put out one particular issue and talk about it.

Sign up for Google Adsense Experience

Website content must be good and valuable to readers - The first and certainly a lot of it is you get the content of the website. When it comes to content, then it's normal article, your website must be it good content and content that your course is not written out of other people. There is a reality in Vietnam this and almost one new web set are also acquired, including himself. When I started, almost content web site are entire copy of the other sites. To subscribe success of Google advertising services, the first note is good content and that content to your right. Therefore, investors try to write quality articles for your website. The image of the article must have copyrights - my opinion is similar to the image content is also a factor affecting the you have been approved or not. If you are not able to create your own image, you can go to the free photo sharing sites such as Flickr, or Google has search functionality copyrighted images.

The interface is easy to navigate website to look - This is pretty much you are wearing is not very good interface. The difficulty here is that you probably feel it's beautiful, but others do not think so. Quite navigation are also a few large ones need to take first, the paging, the second is related articles, and can also add the links from this article through another article. In this problem when it comes to the most important navigation interface is easy to see that one can not feel uncomfortable, easy to recognize and use. You can also cross-referenced articles

its small share with people about their bad feeling with the other websites. The website must clearly credibility - As third home advertising service providers are Google always wanted to work with people with dignity all. So then your site should have the owner, security policies, contacts, ... with relatively complete necessary information and content should be fairly good too (of course, have to write it best).
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A small note from my experience

According to his Google Adsense approved by not machines, therefore to be approved relatively technical success must also persuade them to do so. For example, they will skim read your post, they try to navigate your site, contact information, as well as copyright of the content on the site. At first I thought I did complete everything on then, what his mind until there are many more interactions on your site as a comment, view more pages, the page simply stay longer .. and its registration, was approved. Thus, I think, the content is good or not will be decided by readers anymore, if they find your site interacts well they would be easier to give your consent. Note that there are many who do not have much traffic there is no interaction yet successfully registered then, so this is just my little opinion only.


This is the standard that I think is under his own experience helped her successful registration is Google Adsense . I also relatively helped some people to apply and succeed, there are a few who do not, but hopefully you'll be the next success. This is his whole share, you succeeded another way, can make comments and share with everyone in the comments selection below!