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Experience building trading systems Gold - Forex

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Walking around a site for Forex, famous trader said there " Forex Trading is the hardest job in the world , "well, this sentence right! Truly to succeed in Forex Trading areas without a certain formula for all Trader, trading method profitable for people unlikely to reach a similar effect for other Trader. Trader current majority is the school of surfing Swing Trading or Scalping rated very short to make a profit in a heartbeat. The transaction Trader to surf method should also equipped with knowledge and skills to get oriented with the waves and prepared to catch the wave, do not swing the wave has passed, this like never jump into the market during volatile and have missed the first wave, participants will face many risks and low profit margins.
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Similar to the traditional business, Forex requires much skill and always sensitive to the fluctuations of the market. Need to invest time and effort to find the trading strategy that suits you and always apply the principle transaction. To create a system of Forex trading profitable stable, the first thing is to identify specific targets, eg 1 million USD, in the plan period to achieve the goal (for 10 years, for example) Then select the transaction, for example you are interested in gold market should only focus on  the world's gold trading (aka gold accounts) should not trade products because each product dealing with "behavior" totally different, not fluent with Gold trading is foldable mold applied to the Forex currency pairs.
In addition, the transaction focused on your product will gradually be trained prior flair economic indicators going public, you will know the level of impact of each index. Also there are other factors that timeframe Time Frame, if you're heading Trader willing to risk it Scalping trading strategy suitable or safe you trade group, choose the larger timeframe H4 or Daily and analysis on the chart larger the trade longer time (Daily, the nature more speculative investments surfing) as Weekly charts need long time to higher investment, usually banks or strategic investment fund on the transaction based on the broad timeframe.
In terms of trading method has many kinds, many people prefer to buy right and sell right level of support the resistance, or BUY / Sell out or follow clearance Breakout Indicator tools like   MACD or Moving avarage (transaction rules is a combination of the signals of two intersecting like the short and medium term moving average) When two intersecting line up and add one more condition as RSI is above 50, then buy (BUY) and vice versa .
In the Forex trading method, the authors recommend the use of the tactic has brought consistency like  Price Action , avoid sharing tools Indicator Indicator free because of this very rapid change, after the command easily confused.