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Emotional and psychological transactions

Emotion and sentiment is, success factors, experienced success in forex trading with forex
"Feelings dominate greatly to the success of the trader on financial markets in general & Spot Gold & Forex market in particular" - it was a review of a successful veteran trader on financial markets. Here are the detailed contemplate the following:

Always comfortable:  The spirit of successful investors always balanced, not too happy or too sad at the end of a word more or plan heavy losses. After the implementation of the transaction, they still dominated by the fluctuations in the market.
Having a positive outlook:  not too pessimistic when the market drops deep or very strong increase that strives to identify opportunities 2D purchase merchandise from the potential at reasonable prices.
Adhere to your trading system:  Establish trading system under the criteria established in the market trend, point of entry and exit points, and the time of the transaction.
Do not blame other causes:  If the movement of goods which are not in accordance trend was expected, they consider, evaluate, extract the experience after the failed transaction to complement and improve former President of their transactions.
Planned and organized:  Planning details of investment goods, the investment cost, time investment, capital allocation, price targets and stop loss price ...
Patience:  No transaction impatient while waiting for a good opportunity, potential, low risk. Waiting to achieve the expected returns.
Observe the signs: Track and expected evolution of the market (Intermarket) affects their goods are concerned. When there are positive signs as clear trend, at reasonable prices, ... concentrate consider technical factors to find the entry point and exit point as well as the allocation of capital. Maybe, tested by exploration with small or moderate volume.
Identify opportunities:  Assessing the potential and risks may incur.
Conducting transactions:  Resolutely implement the plan when they meet the necessary elements.
Rightly or wrongly felt comfortable:  Nobody can always correct in the financial markets, just high accuracy capability and reap profits higher than it was the loss factors to success Spot market Gold & Forex.
Money is not important:  At first hearing this seems too absurd for us to invest mainly in search of profits. However, successful investors because psychologically for that money "not important" to the "stop loss" to them very ordinary when wrong decisions and accumulate experiences to choose the best opportunity and achieve more efficient transactions later.
Lose money in the market is normal:  They understand "losing is winning every day," especially in investing in this market. They limit losses and improve your chances of winning through the principles identified.
The transaction is just the game:  Joy when accurate assessment of opportunities and risks under control.
News and visualize their success before the transaction:  Understand the risks may be incurred and assess potential profits, build systems of their trading criteria, trust and conduct even when they meet the conditions.
Psychological bravery of an investor's internal work such as paladin. Inner work is original, tactics is extra, so the internal status of the elders often must painstakingly cultivate server every successful years to attain ultimate power. (Though not at the young protagonist and have a chance to receive internal work to shorten the time to cultivate in order to accommodate notch martial arts practice on Gypsy Associations). The basis of a good investor is forging good psychological bravery. Elaborately always requires painstakingly cultivated.