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9 Lessons for basic forex players

learn forex trading
Welcome to the professional trader forex study - it was a center of basic concepts of marketing, trading methods and analytical approach to investing forex market effectively. Mini Course content includes basic components 9 through 9 unit. This is the concept of binding to know to penetrate the market. In the process of learning forex, if you have questions, you can contact by facebook( or our forum ), will support a dedicated dotcomtech.net.
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Lesson 1: Introduction to Forex (foreign exchange market)

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1 The content revolves around the concept of the Forex market, there are also documents Forex Introductory general background knowledge includes introduction to FX, open a virtual demo trading account and trading methods on part Forex Software Metatrader4 (abbreviated as MT4)

Lesson 2: Place order transactions Gold - Forex software on MT4

This article guides purchase order on the trading platform Metatrader4, Mt4 is specialized software for the sale of the pair, gold, .. this program is completely free and you can download to your computer and install Similar set of other Software. Benefits of MT4 is unsurpassed for creating a virtual account - DEMO to the new Trader trading practice before investing real money. Here's how to learn forex through practice , to apply the theories actual array of technical analysis and test trading systems on the real environment.

Lesson 3: Trading in forex

This is all about how to learn forex trading products currency pairs , Gold (XAUUSD or called GOLD), the practical examples how to purchase the product and take profit, stop loss occurred as How, all trading activities are taking place on the MT4 software, after depositing into the account, investors can start trading immediately, or still allowed to use the demo account to practice . Through this lesson, you will have an overview how Forex market works.

Lesson 4: Exchange Gold - Forex (How to choose How to choose reputable exchanges )

This article guides No.4 selecting Forex trading platform, gold reputation, so we have more exchanges and abroad, confusing for investors, does not know how to choose the floor Broker for absolute safety investment capital and good trading conditions as a high Liquidity trading account quickly, without slippage or continuous requote whenever the market fluctuated, thereby dotcomtech.net recommended Forex trading at etoro.com or XM, exness's international broker, senior activities and the second most prestigious Broker present in international waste is still IFX international exchanges and is represented in Vietnam for Vietnamese customer support better, form quickly loaded and withdrawals via bank transfer domestic Internet banking without Visa Debit card.
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Lesson 5: Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis or called FA (Short of Fundamental Analysis view) a method for analyzing the factors affecting the exchange rate, quickly find out the cause of fluctuating markets and the supporting information / market pressure to continue the trend, ... PTCB always follow the news of the day, so you need Bookmark the website address of the financial and economic to regularly update new information follow the link market developments.

Lesson 6: Technical Analysis

Contrary to PTCB, technical analysis can not care about the news micro, or macro-economic policies of major countries that just focuses on the signs on the price chart, analyze calendar history and forecast the next move. Technical analysis uses tools Indicator is supported, application programmers write in a language mq (metaquote) quite complicated, generally the Indicator is used to calculate the average of the data in the past to predict future prices. Similar courses and statistical probability econometrics, the data in time before rising trend, we estimate the average price in the future, or estimate VALUE "TRUTH" via the road moving avarage, mobile averages, assuming past month price moving average of 150 pips per day, but today the groundbreaking fluctuating up 300 pips, the average line help assess the relative value of truth, This enables more accurate profit.

Lesson 7: Construction of the trading system - Trading Strategy

Combining knowledge of fundamental analysis and technical analysis have learned to build a trading rule, called the Trading System, which is very important because it helps readers understand the market and know when to join market and avoid jumping in times unpredictable and a system of trading principles give you the opportunity to review the current market has to satisfy the conditions are not, where are participating in the sale, not then stand at the market, there is a famous proverb "if you do not know what to do in the market at the moment, it is best to do nothing", not every time are trading opportunities, we need to learn when to advance and when to defend.

Lesson 8: Managing capital

Many new Trader Forex market entering early failure, loss of capital due to no trading principles for himself and does not know the concept of capital management, leading to the Trade too far, too many transactions in order short time that he could not control. When trading Forex, you need to understand capital management approach for each transaction are known tolerance of the account. Warren Buffett is the investment guru with the motto put all our eggs in one basket and that basket monitored carefully, many people do not agree with this poin of view , however the truth is that Warren Buffet right! So we need to look at problems managing capital wisely, managed the transaction, not arbitrary trade, in volume orders with heterogeneous, when feeling "bargain" is rated good strong, not the baby trade volume went up ( Learning to manage capital in transactions here )

Lesson 9: Trading Psychology

Trading psychology is the silent killer of Forex Trader, the trading sentiment to govern many trading decisions and this is the main reason the system breaks the transaction, so you need to learn to control the mind transaction management during Trading, hard to do in a day, but if exercise training routine will be the first "cold", dealing with reason, principle to separate the emotion from the decision to buy / sell (See more detailed theme elements forex trading sentiment here )
Through 9 forex basic lessons , you have no concept of how the Forex and the skills needed to conquer the market.
I wish you success!