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Easy-Forex – Scam or Not?

Easy-Forex is one of the larger Forex broker and its vision is to make FX trading as simple as possible for slightly intermediates and intermediate traders.
There’s a pretty famous dispute between an unsatisfied trader and Easy-Forex. The trader created a website to make others aware of ” Easy-Forex scam”. This can happen to every broker because every broker has traders that think the broker scams and if one of them wants to create a website there’s nothing you can do. Well, Easy-Forex thought there’s something they could do. A user at Forexpeacearmy (FPA) was linking to this website and Easy-Forex wanted them to take down the link. The made FPA responsible for this and threatened to sue them. This is a pretty stupid step by Easy-Forex and it doesn’t make them look good in this spot.
But let’s stick with the facts. Easy-Forex is regulated by IFSC which is a pretty good sign and not the case with Plus500 for example. Forexrealm doesn’t categorize Easy-Forex as scam but the experiences are pretty mixed (which is the case with every single broker).
Some traders have not been happy with the Easy-Forex trading platform and losts were refunded and the initial deposit went back to the origins. This is pretty good and makes Easy-Forex look reliable. You can’t find this service with every other broker out there. There were also cases where a stop loss did not work and the broker made a refund. But it is a bit strange that spreads vary a lot. Other brokers are more constant when it comes to spreads.
Some traders don’t like the Easy-Forex support. These are some negative experiences but it’s not close to scam. Overall you can say that there are no reasons to call Easy-Forex a scam. Although there are some traders that don’t recommend Easy-Forex but that’s the case with ever single FX broker. If you pay too much attention to individual traders that call a broker a scam you can’t trade Forex anywhere. You have to go with the majority and it says that this broker is not a scam.

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