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The Reasons To Use A Perfect Money ATM Card and What exactly is “Perfect Money”'s guarantee?

If you prefer electronic transactions, a perfect money debit card will be a great choice for you. Used by a large number of people, this card can offer a perfect combination of speed and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to make secured online payments, or just need some cash to shop at local stores, perfect money debit card will definitely help you out. It is one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable methods of redeeming e-currency. As compared to other debit cards, these cards are much better because of their ability to handle online shopping and international uses
Looks to be a competitor of PayPal, you transfer money and they keep it in virtual account ... enable transfer and receive funds ...
Nope the funds are not backed by any Central Banks if that is what you are looking at.
If you want to use it, my recommendation is not to keep a large balance. If it goes down, one cannot even trace their owners.
.. So, here are some reasons which explain why you should use in your daily routine
1. No need to pay maintenance charges The first and most attractive reason which enhances the value of perfect money debit card is lack of maintenance charges or admin fee. Maintenance charges are one of the biggest factors behind increased financial burden on a card holder. They create great amount of trouble, and are generally imposed by all banks. However, perfect money debit card does not includes any such charges. The card can be operated freely without inclusion of any kind of charges of hidden fee.
 2. Most convenient form for money transfer Perfect money ATM card is becoming very popular in different parts of the world. They feature one of the best and easiest ways to deal with online and cash transactions. They have a stored monetary value which can be used for making the payment. People who plastic cards find this ATM card really effective and useful. Money can be withdrawn from any ATM machine with utmost ease and comfort. This is why, perfect money debit card is considered a convenient and reliable method for money transfer.
 3. Instant approval of orders In addition to convenience, perfect money debit card also provides benefits of instant approval facility. If you’ll opt for this card, your order will get instantly approved without document verification and other formalities. All you have to do is complete the registration form and make the necessary payments for shipping and other prerequisites. The approval and shipment processes will be initiated within 24 hours.
 4. Instant card to card transfer If you’re looking for an effective way to transfer money, perfect money, and bitcoin ATM card can be great choices for you. After having these cards, you’ll be allowed to make instant card to card transfer at your own personal wish. Traditional methods of money transfer were complicated and time consuming, but perfect money transfer is relatively simple and is conducted instantly. Therefore, if you will go for this card, you can easily transfer money from your card to someone else’s card. It’s a great advantage for time and effort saving. These were some reasons which explain why you should go for perfect money card. This card is used by a large number of people, and offers a perfect package of convenience and reliability. So, try out this card today!
What exactly is “Perfect Money”'s guarantee?

In addition to there being no real guarantee on the guarantee page, note that the domain was registered on May 27, 2013, so there's no substantial track record of reliability. Finally, their Terms of Service explicitly note that they are not liable for loss of funds due to system malfunction, unauthorized access, etc. etc.
Perfect Money is going out of their way to ensure they are offering no guarantees and will not be liable for any losses. How safe are your funds? You should not consider your funds to be safe if stored there. There's no guarantee you'll lose your funds, but no significant reason to believe you won't.
Additionally, Perfect Money shut down access to all U.S. citizens on July 1st, 2013 with only two weeks of notice. Anyone who did not withdraw their money within this time lost access to it.