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Top 100 Economics Blogs

Staying abreast of the world’s economy is vital, whether or not you have hefty investments in the stock market. A close study of economics sheds light on political, social, and even environmental trends, all of which affect even the average person’s daily life. Following is a list of the top 100 blogs dealing with economics. Make at least a couple of them daily or weekly reads to help you become an informed, intelligent, and conscientious citizen.
International Economics
These blogs focus more on international economics, rather than just the United States’ economic scene. Discover insightful posts that reveal direct and indirect economic effects on global policy.
  1. China Economics Blog – A good place to find news, observations, statistics, information on undergraduate (BSc and BA economics) postgraduate (MSc economics) and academic analysis of important issues for China’s economy. Topics about China’s include economic growth, inequality, stockmarket, shares, exchange rates, the environment, and foreign direct investment.
  2. Economics in the News – "Britain’s most popular economics blog" is a must-read for economists all over the world. Learn how European currencies and trends affect the global economy.
  3. Adam Smith Institute – The Adam Smith Institute is the UK’s leading innovator of free-market policies. It researches practical ways to inject choice and competition into public services, extend personal freedom, reduce taxes, prune back regulation, and cut government waste.
  4. AtlanticBlog – Site contains thoughts on politics, economics, and culture by an economist living in Ireland.
  5. Club for Growth – This blog is written by an academic economist to document the rapidly changing Chinese economy and its local and global implications.
  6. Dear Economist – The ‘Dear Economist’ column in the Financial Times answers readers’ personal problems with the tools of Adam Smith.
  7. Eclectic Econoclast – Canadian economics professor examines economics from a non-U.S.centric point of view. Objective and academically sound theories.
  8. Mises Economics Blog – Part of a larger site which offers reliable and stable research tools to classrooms and libraries around the world. The blog offers particular insight into Austrian economics and libertarian political theory.
  9. New Economist – The author of this blog is London-based, so reading up on his research will give you a broader perspective of the world economy.
  10. Nouriel Roubini’s Global Economics Blogs – On this blog, readers are able to select in-depth analyses of the economy in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, or the Middle East and Africa.
  11. Tea With FT – A clever blog from a former World Bank Executive Director, articles are disguised as letters to the editor of the Financial Times.
  12. Stumbling and Mumbling – A primarily British-centric site, this economics blog mixes hard news with hysterical anecdotes.
  13. Tim Worstall – This personal blog comes from Tim Worstall, who proudly flaunts the review that he is "bad, mad, and dangerous to know" at the top of his Web page.
  14. Vox – A policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research ( in conjunction with a consortium of national sites. Vox aims to promote research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading scholars. The intended audience is economists in governments, international organisations, academia and the private sector as well as journalists specializing in economics, finance and business.
  15. David Smith’s EconomicsUK – Author David Smith boasts that this blog features "all the economics you need." Open forums supplement his own articles and reviews.
Blogs by University Professors
Being a university professor gives you a lot of extra credibility. These bloggers spend excessive amounts of time researching and analyzing economic and political trends, making their posts worthwhile reads.
  1. Café Hayek – Libertarian economics explained by two George Mason Universtiy professors.
  2. Chicago Boyz – Disciples of the famous University of Chicago brand of economics examine current events with the slant indicative of the University of Chicago economics department.
  3. Economist’s View – Featured articles contributed by University of Oregon professor, Mark Thoma are highlighted in this blog by the university professor. Discusses current issues along with economic theory.
  4. Financial Rounds – An unknown profesor from a university somewhere in the northeast (feel free to guess) combines the classroom with the real world and vice versa.
  5. TaxProf Blog – TaxProf is an extremely comprehensive look at all issues concerning tax law. It is updated frequently and is a great source of current tax related events, discussion, and analysis.
  6. Neuroeconomics – This blog is maintained by the Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics at George Mason University. Read about the cutting edge study and how it relates to law, ethics, and general economic trends.
  7. Statistical Modeling – This blog tracks the research of three economic experts and Columbia University professors.
  8. The Becker-Posner Blog – Two well-known professors — one from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, and the other from the University of Chicago Law School — post reviews and analyses about all things that deal with economics.
  9. The Anti-Becker-Posner Blog – This community blog encourages reader feedback to critique and sometimes undermine the real Becker-Posner blog (see above.)
  10. William J. Polley – Read economic analyses by an energetic, enthusiastic assistant professor from Western Illinois University.
  11. Awkward Utopia – This blog is run by the University of Florida’s University Economics Society. Read earnest, thought-provoking articles by the students who joke that in their society, "the inmates run the asylum."
  12. Greg Mankiw’s Blog – Famed Harvard professor’s blog is intended as a medium for former students and colleagues to keep in touch. However, it also serves as a valuable resource for current economic discussion.
  13. Law and Economics Blog – Two economics professors highlight current issues where law and economics intersect.
  14. Vox Baby – Dartmouth professor muses about economics, politics, and social security.
  15. Dani Rodrik’s Weblog – Author and elite Harvard Professor Dani Rodrik writes about traditional and groundbreaking economic philosophies.
Liberal-minded blogs
These blogs are only for economists who lean to the left. No Republicans allowed.
  1. Angry Bear – Angry Bear provides commentary on news, politics, and the U.S. economy with an admitted slight Liberal (capital "L") bias. Great fodder for left-leaning economists.
  2. Institutional Economics – This web site is a blog devoted to economics and financial markets from a truly liberal perspective.
  3. The Liberal Order – A Hillsdale College economics professor considers old school thought and modern day practice to find a "classical liberal order."
  4. The Wall Street Journal Online – Political and financial heavyweight WSJ publishes an online blog with a special focus on economics.
  5. The Economist’s Free Exchange – The widely-known magazine sponsors a blog to encourage a discourse on economics and politics.
  6. Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal – Berkeley professor’s blog gives commentary and economic insight to current events and prevalent theories.
Conservative Economics Blogs
The following authors have a more right wing view on the economic climate. Conservative economists will find themselves at home while reading these blogs.
  1. SCSU Scholars – A blog sponsored by St. Cloud State University, this blog publishes posts about economic policy from a conservative point of view.
  2. BusinessPundit – Blog focuses on economic issues which affect entrepreneurship and corporate strategy.
  3. Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative – A Christian evangelist and economics enthusiast blogs about elections, the environment, and economic policy.
Libertarian Blogs
The best of the explicitly Libertarian blogs are listed here.
  1. Agoraphilia – A collaborative weblog of the libertarian economist Glen Whitman and jurist Tom W. Bell. This site contains many topical issues which are put under a libertarian microscope to discover new insights.
  2. Angry Economist – This is one economist who you don’t want to tick off. The Angry economist provides well rooted (though sometimes harsh) critiques with a libertarian flavor.
  3. Coyote Blog – Coyote Blog is the work of Warren Meyer, a small business owner in Phoenix, Arizona. Topics range from business to economics to libertarian philosophy along with sports and electronics.
Business Blogs
The following blogs deal more with economics as it relates to the business world.
  1. Businomics Blog – Geared towards helping people use economics to make business decisions. Fuses together economic prinicpals and business strategy.
  2. Economics Unbound – Business Week’s featured blog which discusses current economic issues which have an impact on the business world.
Economic Policy
The next blogs on our list focus primarily on economic policy and legislation.
  1. Asymmetrical Information – Musings about current events and policy with an economic slant can be found at this site. Jane Galt (Clever Ayn Rand reference) has a very appealing writing style which makes reading about economics fun.
  2. Econbrowser – Frequently updated blog provides commentary and insight on current economic issues, with an emphasis on policy.
  3. Economic Dreams, Economic Nightmares – Commentary on current economic policies and their ramifications. Highlights the impacts of good and bad economic decisions by policy makers, wall street executives, investors, etc.
  4. Economic Principals – A Web-based independent commentary on the production and distribution of economic ideas. Though, claiming to not be a blog – we still included it in our rankings due to its solid economic content. EP reports mainly on university economics, as it affects historical awareness, political debate and public policy. It seeks to put under-noticed economic journalism in touch with a wider audience.
  5. Thomas Palley – Researcher Thomas Palley posts weekly articles about economic policy.
Environmental Blogs
The blogs in this section focus in whole or in part on the intersection between economics and the environment. These writers provide profound insights by approaching green issues in a manner that isn’t often heard in the mainstream.
  1. The Environmental Economics Blog – The Environmental Economics blog is dedicated to the dissemination of economists’ views on current environmental and natural resource issues. Intended to help bring economists’ views on environmental issues further into the mainstream.
  2. Ecological Economics – Ecological Economics web-log is designed to refine economists’ and ecologists’ views, agreements, and disagreements on current environmental and natural resource issues. This blog also aspires to help ecological economics ideas gain traction in social and political discussion and policy making.
  3. Globilisation and the Environment – This blog brings readers the most important news stories in order to illuminate economic policy and controversy.
  4. Environmental and Urban Economics – Though having a focus on urban living and environmental economics, author Matthew Kahn covers a wide range of topics with an interesting and informal (almost diary-esque) tone that makes his writing particularly accessible.
  5. The Commons – The Commons Blog is a collaborative web log dedicated to the principle of promoting environmental quality and human dignity and prosperity through markets and property rights. Put more simply, it’s about how free markets can provide protection for the environment.
News Blogs
The following deal most heavily with up-to-the-minute news in the economic world.
  1. ArgMax Economics – This well respected site contains economics news, data, and analysis, as well as various other economics related services. Considered one of the best economic blogs on the internet with awards from Forbes and MSNBC.
  2. EconoPundit – EconoPundit provides interesting commentary and views on economic news. This site aims to inform its readers of economic reasons and explanations for what is happening in the world.
  3. Kudlow’s Money Politics – Lawrence Kudlow (of CNBC’s Kudlow & Company fame) dispenses advice and insight about news, business, and politics.
  4. Let’s Fly Under the Bridge – Blogger Roland Patrick sheds light on aspects of the day’s news and events – often with a clever tongue-in-cheek approach.
  5. Mahalanobis – Insight into current economic theories and spotlighted news items.
  6. Midwest Economy – This blog is dedicated to the Midwest economy and news. Regional economics are analyzed and explained in great detail at this site.
  7. Newmark’s Door – A mishmash of financial and economic news and ideas from a personal perspective.
  8. Reality Economics – Well thought out interpretations and summaries on news stories make this blog a worthwhile read.
  9. The Prudent Investor – Analyzes financial and political news with an aim to educate people about the pitfalls of some of our current economic models. The premise of the blog is that we are approaching an era of global redistribution of wealth in which the US-European centric approach will not work much longer. The author surmizes that the five billion people in the developing countries will eventually demand their fair share of the world’s resources.
  10. Thoughts on Economics – Short posts about book reviews and general news stories make this blog an easy-to-follow resource.
  11. The Bayesian Heresy – This blog hosts an extensive list of articles relating to economics, news, and other "rants on the dismal science."
Finance Blogs

These blogs are chiefly about financial issues.

  1. Big Picture – An essential economics blog which is considered the blog which insiders read to stay informed. Written in a very engaging style, this blog provides vital insights into the financial community by an author who is regularly featured on many television programs.
  2. Brad Setser’s Web Log – Brad Setser delivers global economic insights for financial professionals. Whether you are establishing direction, executing transactions, influencing decisions or performing in-depth research, this blog is a good resource.
  3. Calculated Risk – A senior executive, retired from a public company, with a background in investing, finance and economics comments on current financial issues.
  4. Richard’s Real Estate and Urban Economics Blog – This blog will feature commentary on the current state of housing, commercial real estate, mortgage finance, and urban development around the world. It also at times provides thoughts about graduate business education.
These blogs don’t fall under any particular category, but they’re worth checking out to get a comprehensive understanding of the general economic climate.
  1. Crooked Timber – Blog is written by a conglomerate of authors and provides commentary on wide-ranging economic and social issues.
  2. Daniel W. Drezner – The author has a deep academic background and provides economic insights founded in solid economic theory.
  3. Deinonychus antirrhopus – An opinionated blog aimed at debunking false economic presumptions along with providing in-depth economic analysis of current events.
  4. Division of Labor – Well-respected blog provides frequent entries by its many authors on topical economics issues.
  5. EconLog – Collection of short, topical articles and insights on the week’s issues in economics.
  6. Economic Development Leader – This blog contains articles on applied economics from an organizational and community change consultant. Focuses on economic development in regards to building communities and related industries.
  7. Freakonomics – Since every good book deserves a blog, the authors of Freakonomics have created their own blog to share ideas on current events and ongoing research – with of course their trademark "Freakonomics" twist. Who knows – maybe some of their postings will start to evolve into a new hit book.
  8. Marginal Revolution – Popular site takes a look at the economic forces at work in current events along with other assorted knowledge.
  9. Market Power – Select writings from an academic economist tries to portray the power of markets.
  10. MaxSpeak – Political economy along with commentary on current events is addressed in this blog.
  11. Reasonable Bystanders – Here, articles range from critical reviews to political influences to environmental concerns.
  12. The Capital Spectator – The Capital Spectator is on a mission to find "the bottom line" in the debate about connections between money, oil, and economics.
  13. Harvard International Review – A sophisticated take on economic study, this blog features opinions and articles by members of the academic, professional, and international communities.
  14. Ask Edgeworth – This good-natured blog answers questions about economics and political trends.
  15. Capital Freedom – This blog is cleverly run by the allegorical "Capital Freedom," who divulges what it’s like to hang out with economic policymakers in Washington, explains crucial legal and political issues, and more.
Below are blogs that vary from the professional to the personal, with advice and news about current economics trends by region, author, and other divisions.
  1. Ben Muse – This web site publishes posts on economics, and especially the political economy of trade, and on Alaska.
  2. Cold Spring Shops – Named after the primary repair and car building facility of The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company, this blog provides insights into economics along with anything that runs on rails.
  3. Dynamist Blog – Originally started as an online companion to the book, The Future and Its Enemies. Since then, the site has grown into an online home for all of the autohr’s work, including new books, articles and some of speeches. Most of the recent additions to the site are sections on glamour and variety and choice, the two areas in which the blog’s author is currently researching.
  4. General Glut’s Globblog – Contrary to many of the neo-classical blogs, this contrarians blog maintains that capitalism’s tendencies lead to overaccumulation and underconsumption. Also describes how globalization leads to increased debt, deflation, and depression.
  5. Heavy Lifting – Informed economic views and current events highlight this economist’s blog. Author also contributes to Division of Labour.
  6. Macroblog – Site’s author has been transitioning to a new position with Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, but promises to be back soon. Past articles have included strong macroeconomic analysis.
  7. OMB Watch – OMB Watch tracks the dealings of the powerful Office of Management and Budget. Their goals are to increase government transparency and accountability; to ensure sound, equitable regulatory and budgetary processes and policies; and to protect and promote active citizen participation in our democracy.
  8. Organizations and Markets – The authors are influenced by mainstream approaches in economics and management, by the emerging disciplines of transaction cost economics and capabilities theory, and by the alternative traditions of Austrian and evolutionary economics. While Organizations and Markets focuses on academic research in economics and management, the authors also comment occasionally on other shared interests, such as classical liberalism and cultural conservatism.
  9. Peter Gordon’s Blog – A blog exploring the intersection of economic thinking and urban planning/real estate development and related themes.
  10. PrestoPundit – Read analytic posts about the current political and economic scene.
  11. The Idea Shop – Published economist and writer Andrew Chamberlain discusses economic trends and their consequences.
  12. The One-Handed Economist – An informal blog on topics like politics, trading, and "nerdity," these articles will give you a break from the drier, hard news blogs.
  13. The Sports Economist – This blog is intended to be a depository of economic thinking on issues in sport, and to a lesser extent, economics in general. Sports provide an entertaining and useful platform for economic discussion. The sports world is used to provide a unique canvas for illustrating economic forces at work.
  14. Truck and Barter – "Where sympathy and hedonism collide," according to the site. Read about how politics affect economics.
  15. volunaryXchange – A Ph.D. considers political and economic strife.
  16. Winter Speak – A former expat returns to the U.S., where he writes about copyright, technology, and more, as they are related to the economy.
This comprehensive list of the top 100 economics blogs represents all avenues of economic concern. Liberals and conservatives should be able to find blogs that fit their personal political leanings, and news junkies will undoubtedly be attracted to sites that constantly update current events from around the world. Save a few of these to your favorites list, and refer to them often to better understand our world’s everchanging economic situation.

Top 100 Day Trading Blogs

Day trading can be fun and profitable, but it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge. Take some advice from people who know what they’re talking about; check out these top 100 day trading blogs for advice and analysis on fast paced investment.

The Top 10

This list is already a compilation of the 100 top blogs, but these 10 bloggers offer commentary that’s the best of the best.
  1. Maoxian: The Chairman offers Stocks du Jour, analysis and entertaining commentary.
  2. Ugly Chart: Ugly Chart believes "beauty is in the eye of the shareholder." They focus on all time highs and lows.
  3. Move The Markets: Move the Markets offers top-notch stock advice and analysis.
  4. Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha has investment strategy, portfolio management, hedge funds and lots of other resources.
  5. 22 Dollars: 22 Dollars gives investment ideas based on both technical and functional analysis.
  6. Long or Short Capital: Long or Short Capital offers the lighter side of trading. They encourage readers, "let us think for you, since we’re better at it."
  7. Footnoted: Footnoted reveals the things companies hide in their SEC filings, giving day traders valuable knowledge.
  8. Controlled Greed: This blog considers undervalued stocks and emulates Warren Buffet’s idea that "you must be animated by controlled greed and fascinated by the investment process."
  9. The Average Joe: Average Joe encourages readers to be average and make money.
  10. The Stock Bandit: The Stock Bandit discusses day trading concepts and strategies as well as trading psychology.

Commodities & Futures

Check out these blogs for insight into the commodities and futures markets of minerals, metals, and more.
  1. Commodity Trader: Commodity Trader discusses everything from minerals to livestock.
  2. Global Gold Perspective: This blog has technical analysis, news and commentary on issues concerning commodities, particularly gold.
  3. Gold Stock Bull: Gold Stock Bull has investment strategies that are designed to help you profit in the bull markets of gold, silver and energy.
  4. Day Trade Emini: This blog focuses on futures, sharing strategies and highly detailed charts.
  5. PureTick: PureTick aims to increase your chances of market survival, providing trading advice and a live audio training room.
  6. High Probability Trading: This blog discusses high probability trading, offering charts and a daily summary.
  7. Futures Trading: Read about a futures trader’s personal journey on the S&P e-mini futures.
  8. Amibroker Fan: Amibroker Fan discusses futures, interest chart moves and signals.
  9. Canadian Silver Bug: Canadian Silver Bug discusses silver as "honest money" and a hedge against monetary crisis.
  10. MineSet: Jim Sinclair comments on gold bullion, silver, and crude oil.
  11. Uranium Stocks: Read this blog for help making sense out of investing in mining companies.
  12. StockBullz: StockBullz is written by a Canadian investor, highlighting topics on silver, uranium and resource stocks.


Check out these blogs for observations on options trading and market outcomes.
  1. Daily Options Report: Adam Warner offers insightful commentary on options trading.
  2. VIX and More: VIX and More discusses options with particular focus on VIX.
  3. 1 Option: Read this blog for Pete Stolcers’ thoughts on option trading and option strategies.
  4. Option Addict: Jeff Kohler is a professional trader and instructor for Investools. He’s also a self-diagnosed option addict.
  5. Option Pundit: This blog, for serious traders only, discusses basic, intermediate, and advanced option strategies designed to keep up a consistent income.
  6. Options Trading Beginner: Read this blog for the story and insight of an options trader that’s just starting out.
  7. Simply Options Trading: Simply Options Trading discusses options in a way that’s, you guessed it, simple. You’ll find stocks to watch, market outlooks, strategy, resources, and more.
  8. Condor Options: Condor Options aims to earn returns of 10% every month using iron condors. Check out their strategies for consistent income.


Visit these bloggers for a look into foreign exchange currency trading.
  1. Day Trade For A Living: This British forex blogger discusses signals and projects.
  2. Dismally: David Andrew Taylor takes a look at economic data to consider how it will affect the US dollar in exchange markets.
  3. Babypips offers lighthearted insight and commentary on the world of Forex trading.
  4. Forex Trading Information: Read this blog for the latest information, commentary, and reports in forex markets.
  5. Forex Trading Journal: Follow this forex trader’s day to day strategy as well as his profit and loss.
  6. Forex Journey: Todd Judkins shares his journey in online forex trading. You’ll find tips, strategies, and more.
  7. Simon Super Trader: Simon shares his aspiration to become a full time trader as well as his success and failure along the way.
  8. Piptopia: Rob Booker discusses trades, book reviews and analysis for forex traders.
  9. Forex Blog: On Forex Blog, you’ll find commentary, a currency converter, and live charts.
  10. The Forex Project: Follow this blogger’s project to trade full time. Read his daily profit and loss tables and graphs to see how well he does.
  11. Grace Cheng: Grace Cheng is a regular contributor to trading publications as well as a forex coach. On this blog, you’ll find her tips for trading and education for advanced traders.
  12. No BS Forex: On, this blog, you’ll find straightforward insight and explanation on the world of forex.
  13. HuntFX: Read HuntFX for discussions on trading psychology and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
  14. FXStreet: FXStreet has up to the minute updates, commentary, and reviews on market developments.
  15. FX Instructor: Beginner forex traders should visit this blog for daily technical reviews and mentoring.
  16. FX-BAR: Read FX-Bar for news, analysis, commentary and signals.
  17. Forex TV Blog: Both beginners and advanced traders can benefit from Forex TV Blog’s news, analysis and reviews.
  18. Peter Bain Forex Trading Commentary: Peter Bain has a knack for creating successful forex trading strategies, and he’s willing to share his knowledge with you.
  19. Currency Secrets: This blog reviews top currency secrets, analysis and specific currency pairs.
  20. Forex Forays: Read Forex Forays for reviews of brokers, systems, products and more.
  21. Forex Trading Log: For close examination of the markets, particularly of the Aussie dollar, check out the Forex Trading Log.
  22. BK Trader FX: Boris and Kathy write about their own trades as well as forex news.
  23. A Forex Loser: Take it from this loser, it’s best to avoid psyching yourself out. Read this blog for insight on how to handle losses in forex.
  24. 2Bull Forex: Check out 2Bull Forex for topics like support and resistance, essential reading, indicators and mini accounts.


These blogs cover trading on Wall Street and beyond.
  1. How I Day Trade: How I Day Trade tracks the wins and losses of a day trader working in stocks.
  2. Afraid to Trade: Corey Rosenbloom attempts to help himself and others get over bad trades and fears to become successful in the market.
  3. Alpha Trends: Brian Shannon offers analysis of momentum stocks as well as stocks on the move.
  4. Baby Biotechs: Brian at Baby Biotechs analyzes small biotech stocks one at a time.
  5. The Wall Street Matator: This bull chaser’s blog is full of trading strategies, stock chart analysis and more.
  6. Stock Market Beat: Stock Market Beat offers a watch list, annual reports, and analysis of companies with active stock.
  7. Tradeopolis: Tradeopolis discusses strategies for avoiding burnout, considering value investing, and thriving in a volatile market.
  8. Dinosaur Trader: This trader discusses hybrid trades, trends, and CNBC commentary.
  9. Deh Trader: This Canadian trader is relatively new to the industry, but he’s happy to share wins, losses, and insight with readers.
  10. Alternative Energy Stocks: Alternative Energy Stocks discusses investing in alternative energy, renewable energy and clean technology.
  11. MissTrade: MissTrade works in stocks, options, futures, commodities, and currencies. She’s been at it for 13 years and has a great deal of insight to share.
  12. The Kirk Report: Charles E. Kirk, a pro trader, writes to help the "little guy" investor and help others learn how to think about stock trading.

Diversified Day Trading

These bloggers engage in a variety of different types of trades.
  1. TraderBubs: Bub used to run a retail jewelry business, but now trades futures and stocks every day. He also tracks earnings from this blog.
  2. Ask Jeff Wilde: Jeff Wilde offers day traders education on forex, stocks, and the "inner game" of trading.
  3. Mr. Swing: Larry Swing discusses stock picks, technical analysis and charts.
  4. Fat Pitch Financials: Fat Pitch Financials covers special situation stocks and value investing.
  5. The Capital Spectator: James Picerno takes a look at investments and issues in the economy.
  6. Investing Blog: This blog focuses on all types of investments. It’s a one stop shop for traders interested in forex, stocks, hedge funds, futures and commodities.
  7. All You Need to Know About Day Trading: Linda Wainman, author of the "Keeping It Simple Day Trading System," dishes out strategies that are useful for all types of day traders.

Rags to Riches

The traders in this category have found success, but they have experienced significant struggles along the way.
  1. Trader’s Narrative: Babak had to learn trading the hard way: trial and error. Now he has great knowledge about trading and wants to share it with others.
  2. Stock Rake: This blogger trusted others to look after his money, but got burned that way. He’s done much better managing stocks on his own.
  3. Money Mythos: The blogger behind Money Mythos learned about his inadequacies in financial intelligence when he unsuccessfully tried to invest, but he’s improved his portfolio since them.
  4. Guzzo The Contrarian: Michael Guzzo got into stock picking after he realized that he had no idea how to handle his 401(k). He decided to get educated and is now very successful.
  5. Changing My Direction: This former engineer went from TPS reports to stock investment.
  6. Growth in Value: This blogger went through crashes in the Asian stock markets as well as high tech stocks. Now, he’s doing much better with value investing.
  7. The Dough Roller: The Dough Roller went from a negative net worth to financial independence through investments that include the stock market.
  8. Mac’s Money Blog: Robert McIntosh used to live below the poverty level, but now does well with mutual funds, commodities and individual stocks.
  9. Money Smart Life: Ben from Money Smart Life lost a few thousand dollars with the fall of the dot com market, but has learned to diversify.
  10. Index Fund Fan: The writer behind Index Fund Fan also got burnt when the dot com bubble burst, but is now successful with his diversified portfolio.
  11. The Microcap Speculator: The Microcap Speculator made some bad decisions when he started out, but has realized success by using analysis and risk control.
  12. Trader-X: Trader-X didn’t do so well with options and penny stocks, but he’s refined his strategy and reached a win rate of 80%.
  13. TSP Trader: The TSP Trader decided that holding onto funds is for suckers and instead earns more money by paying attention to the market.


Whether you’re looking for additional forex resources or are interested in overseas markets, these blogs hold a wealth of knowledge.
  1. GalaTime: GalaTime blogs about Indian Capital Markets.
  2. Investing India: Investing India provides investment advice for India and beyond.
  3. StockWeb: StockWeb focuses on Central and Eastern European stock markets and indexes.
  4. Deal Street India: This blog covers a number of different topics from commodities to the stock market.
  5. Financial Nirvana: Financial Nirvana’s Indian blog keeps tabs on the Indian stock market, offering information, analysis, and headlines.
  6. The Israeli Speculator: This speculator has tips for beginners, tutorials, and lots of analysis.
  7. Fairval: Visit Fairval for discussions on Indian stock markets, equities and economy.
  8. Investor Trip: Investor Trip offers "financial talk for global investors." Check it out for commentary on upcoming trends like uranium and finding undervalued stocks.


Read these blogs for commentary that goes against the grain.
  1. Big Mike’s Contrarian Investing Blog: Big Mike discusses the stock market, commodities, value investing and more.
  2. Contrarian Edge: Contrarian Edge is written by Vitaly Katsenelson, contributor at Financial Times, Minyanville and Motley Fool. Read this blog for content from those publications as well as original analysis.
  3. The Peridot Capitalist: The Peridot Capitalist discusses contrarian investment strategies that Peridot Capital Management uses.
  4. The Prudent Investor: The Prudent Investor analyzes financial and political news and provides commentary with an ideological slant.
  5. The Stalwart: The Stalwart uncovers underreported stories, press follies, bunk analysts, and misleading corporations.
  6. WRA Strategies & Observations: WRA Strategies & Observations discusses contrarian strategies and current events.