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Forex brokers truth: Freezing Platforms

The other alternative to a requote is a Platform freeze. The prices all freeze and we're into the unknown again, thus preventing traders from either participating in profitable trading opportunities, or from closing out profitable trades. I know a case where a trader who opened a trading account with $50,000 had such problems with his broker, and was not allowed to close out a trade due to a platform freeze. Frustrated, the trader closed the platform and returned two months later, expecting to have been stopped out. To his amazement, the trade had become so profitable that his account size had swelled to $200,000. He was allowed to close the trade, but the broker has not made good on the withdrawal request. There is no better definition of scam if a broker is involved in such practices. We have heard similar experiences of being locked out or thrown out of platform as a way to add emotional stress and doubt into the traders mind. Sounds logical although extreme. Other inexperienced traders could well have assumed it was an issue their end, computer, virus or connection