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Volatility and speed on trading penny stock

In terms of percentage of the share price, penny stock shares make greater moves, and more quickly, than their better-capitalized counterparts. Several factors cause faster and larger price changes:
1. Starting from lower prices: The lower the price of the shares, the greater any moves in them will be, proportionately. If a penny stock increases from 20¢ to 30¢, that’s a 50 percent gain. The same ten-cent jump in a stock priced at ten dollars per share only represents an increase of 1 percent.
2. Earlier phase of corporate life cycle: When a company is new, its potential is wide open. It may end up at point A or point Z, or anywhere in between. Any event or shift in the mind-set of investors can result in major changes in expectations for the company’s future. With any early shift in that anticipation comes significant adjustments to what investors are expecting from it, and those adjustments directly impact the share price. 
3. Thinly traded: As penny stocks are generally traded by fewer people, and in smaller amounts, a large buy or sell order can move the price significantly. If there is a limited supply of shares for sale at lower prices, any significant buying demand may push the price up into higher prices.
4. Changes in speculation and potential: The prices of penny stock shares have a much greater basis in speculation and potential. In other words, what a company theoretically “could” do has a lot more value when it is just getting started or is in the early phase of its life cycle. Unlike quarterly financial reports, or gradually improving client lists, for example, massive shifts in speculation can occur quickly and have a dramatic impact on the potential for the underlying company and its share price.
5. Fewer, more meaningful events: Newer and smaller companies typically experience fewer major events. When they do have something to report, such as a new client win or a patent approval, that event will have a proportionately greater impact on the company.
To invest in penny stocks well, you need to understand the reasons behind the larger, and more rapid, price moves. Proper knowledge leads to improved anticipation, clarity, and wiser trading choices.