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Trading the ways to be a multi millionaire

A trader who, after wiping out several times early in his career, turned a $30,000 account into $80 million A fund manager who achieved what many thought impos­siblefive consecutive years of triple-digit percentage returns A trader from small-town America who started out on a shoe­string and has become one of the world's largest bond traders A former securities analyst who, during the past seven years, has realized an average monthly return of 25 percent (over 1,400 percent armualized), primarily trading stock index futures An electrical engineering graduate from МГГ whose largely computerized approach to trading has earned his accounts an astounding 250,000 percent return over a sixteen-year period.
These are but a sampling of the interviews contained in this book. In his own way, each of the traders interviewed has achieved incredible success.
What sets these traders apart? Most people think that winning in the markets has something to do with finding the secret formula. The truth is that any common denominator among the traders I interviewed had more to do with attitude than approach. Some of the traders use fun­damental analysis exclusively, others employ only technical analysis, and still others combine the two. Some traders operate on a time horizon measured in hours or even minutes, while others typically implement positions that they intend to hold for months or even years. Although the trading methodologies varied widely, the forthcoming interviews reveal certain important commonalities in trading attitudes and principles.
Trading provides one of the last great frontiers of opportunity in our economy. It is one of the very few ways in which an individual can start with a relatively small bankroll and actually become a multimil­lionaire. Of course, only a handful of individuals (such as those inter­viewed here) succeed in turning this feat, but at least the opportunity exists.
While I hardly expect all readers of this website to transform them­selves into super-tradersthe world just doesn't work that wayI believe that these thought-provoking interviews will help most serious and open-minded readers improve their personal trading performance. It may even help a select few become super-traders.