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Best And Worst Trading And Investing Books

I have bought and read dozens of trading and investment books through out the years. Some are very good and some are nothing but pure garbage. I have many people asking me in my website about which were the best trading books, so I have decided to post about the ones I think are a must have, and should be read and re-read.
Its a long list and I will rank them from 1 (pure garbage) to 10 (a book to read and re-read):

Reminiscences of A Stock Operator, by Edwin Lefevre: 10, the best book ever written about speculation;
Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager, 10, a short cut to trading mastery; fantastic interviews wuth the best traders of the 80`s and early 90`s; a must have to read once a year; Ed Seykota`s and Richard Dennis`s interviews are probably the best; Gary Bielfeldt interview is my favourite because it underlines a very important message: we only need one well timed and well sized trade to get wildly rich;
The New Markets Wizards, by Jack Schwager, 9, a good book but not so good as the original; still a must have in every trader`s bookshelf; Linda Raschke interview is probably my favourite;
How I Made 2,000,000 In The Stock Market, by Nicolas Darvas, 8, very good reading for a book that was written over 30 years ago; its an investment biography from a Wall Street outsider;
Fooled By Randomness, Nassim Taleb, 8, a brilliant book from a brilliant mind; 

Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom, by Van Tharp, 8, a good trading book about trading systems and the psychology of trading; very good;
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Investment Biker, by Jim Rogers, 8, a good travel book, a good investment book and a good economics book written by a legendary investor;
Adventure Capitalist, by Jim Rogers, 7, one of Jim`s best books; similar to the Investment Biker but this time Jim goes around the world in a Mercedes SLK;
Dave Landry On Swing Trading, by Dave Landry, 7, an interesting book for swing traders and technical players; lots of setups and real world examples; from trader to trader; besides Dave Landry helped me a lot when I was starting my trading career 10 years ago, answering all email questions; he has even offered me a signed book;
How To trade In Stocks, Jesse Livermore, 7, not as good as Reminiscences, but a must have book for seasoned and aspiring traders;
Hot Commodities, by Jim Rogers, 7, the best book on commodities;
Pit Bull, by Marty Schwartz, 7, a good book about a sucessful S&P Futures daytrader;
Way Of A Turtle, by Faith, 7, the true story of Richard Dennis`s turtles experiment; very good for systematic traders;
Stock For The Long Run, by Jeremy Siegel, 7, a good book written by an economics PhD. Lots of historical perspective on the performance of stocks, bonds and commodities
Schwager on Futures - Technical Analysis, by Jack Schwager, 6, probably the best Technical Analysis book I have ever read; but I am not a technical trader;

Inside The House Of Money, by Drobny, 6, an interesting set of interviews with some top traders;
How To Make Money In Stocks, William O`Neill, 6, very good for stock pickers;
Wall Street - The Other Las Vegas, Nicolas Darvas, 5, very similar to his earlier book; nothing really new;
Trader Vic, by Victor Spearandeo, 5, good trading biography; not as good as the ones I mentioned above;
Technical Analysis Explained, by Martin Pring, 5, while it is not a top book on technical analysis has some very good chapters on trading cycles and sazonalities;
Stock Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager, 5, not so good as the first two; Mark Cook interview is very good and probably is worth the cover price by itself;
Alchemy Of Finance, George Soros, 4, I have not finished this book; I do not like Soros`s writing style; pretty dense and boring;
Bill Gross On Investing, Bill Gross, 4, I would expect a much better book from a legendary fund manager; some interesting topics on bonds but not as good as it could be;
Against the Gods - The Remarkable Story of Risk, by Bernstein, 4, well written but pretty boring;
A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Malkiel, 3, the anti-trader book; if you are a trader you will hate this book;

Trading In The Zone, by Ari Kiev, 3, I think Ari Kiev is very overated; I would not wate my time again reading Kiev`s book;

Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading, by Van Tharp, 3, while Tharp`s first book is a very good one, I am not very impressed with this second work;

Trading Markets - Guide For Conquering The Markets, 2, a compilation of some texts from Dave Landry, Larry Connors, Mark Boucher and many others;
The Psychology Of Risk, Ari Kiev, 2, as I said before I do not like Kiev`s books;
A Bull In China, by Jim Rogers, 2, one big flop; I am not even sure that this book has been written by Jim Rogers; Sorry Jim;

Mastering Trading Stress, Ari Kiev, 1, no comments, pure garbage;

The Education Of a Speculator, Victor Niederhoffer, 1, I think nobody can finish this book; dense and confusing; 

So this is the full list of the best and the worst trading books I came across over the years. Very few really stand out.
I am running a real time trading experience in the dotcomtech  similar to what George Soros wrote in his book "The Alchemy Of Finance" but with the benefits of modern time internet interaction. I invite you to come by and post your trades online.  
I am a big fan of trading books. How big? I have read over 300 books related to the market, investing, and trading and reviewed almost all of them on Some trading books have the ability to lay out the principles that lead to profitable trading while others are not written by traders, but instead only about trading by writers who never traded an option or future contract in their life and contain little value beyond basic facts.
Here are the top trading books that really changed my trading process from haphazard to the clear focus of profitability. These books could change everything for you as a trader.  Some are classics and some are more modern but I believe they all stand the test of time in helping a trader on their path to profitability.
Let me save new traders the task of reading hundreds of trading books looking for the pearls of wisdom and just direct you to where the gold actually is.
I did a survey on social media to see what books helped traders make the most money in the markets and these ten books were the result of hundreds of votes.
Here are ten of the top trading books ever written summarized in one sentence:
#1 How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad by William O'Neil: Buy only the best innovative growth stocks at the proper buy point out of price bases and let them run as far as they will go.
#2 Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre: It’s a bull market you know and the big money is made in holding good positions over the long term and not trying to trade inside the day to day noise.
#3 Market Wizards, Interviews With Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager: Here are how the best money managers in the world make money, will you listen to them?
#4 How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas: Find the best stocks that are being accumulated in high volume near their all time highs once you find them add to the winners and cut the losers short and let them run as far as they will go.
#5 Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets by Michael Covel: Give up your opinions, forecasts, and fundamentals and use a robust system to trade the market trends by following the actual price action.
#6: How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore: Trade the pure price action of the leading stocks as they go higher and higher understand that they do have normal pull back reactions but learn how to not be stopped out until they have ran their full course.
#7 Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp: Quit looking for the Holy Grail of trading and instead focus on developing a trading system that fits you and trade it while managing risk.
#8 Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management by Alexander Elder: You must manage the three M’s of trading to be successful: manage the money, the mind, and the trading method to be profitable.
#9 Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude by Mark Douglas: Trading is more of a mental game than a mathematical one and it takes faith in your system and yourself to give you the confidence to trade with discipline and mental control.
#10 The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires by Michael Covel : Richard Dennis showed some everyday people how to become millionaires by trading his firm’s capital with a simple trend following methodology based on breakouts with a few filters while using risk management.
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